Academic Council

Members of Academic Council

Sr. No. Name Designation Position
1 Dr. Victor Gambhir Vice-Chancellor Chairman
2 Dr. Ashok Kumar Pro Vice-Chancellor Member
3 Dr. Sumit Mittal Registrar Secretary

Three Persons from amongst Educationists nominated by the Vice-Chancellor

Sr. No. Name Designation Position
1 Dr. N.P. Mehta Former Director, NIT, Kurukshetra Member
2 Dr. Manjula Chaudhary Ex- Vice- Chancellor, Hotel Management Institute, Govt. of India Member
Dean Faculty of Management, KUK
3 Dr. Dharmender Kumar Dean & Professor, Comp. Sc. & Engg., Member
Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Tech, Hissar

Three Persons not Members of the Teacher Staff Coopted by the Academic Council

Sr. No. Name Designation Position
1 Dr. L.C. Gupta Former Member, Distnace Education Council, KUK Member
2 Dr. Anil Jain President, Vaiseshika Electron Devices, Ambala Cantt Member
3 Dr. Vijay Katiyar Controller of Examinations Member

Deans of the Faculties

Sr. No. Name Designation Position
1 Dr. B.K. Aggarwal Dean, Medical Sciences Member
2 Dr. Debdatta Dass Dean, Dental Sciences Member
3 Dr.(Mrs.) Jyoti Sarin Dean, Nursing Member
4 Dr. Ashok Kumar Dean, Engineering & Technology Member
5 Dr. Bindu Jindal Dean, Law Member
6 Dr. (Mr.) Vishal Dean, Management Member
7 Dr. Sumeet Gupta Dean, Pharmaceutical Sciences Member

Heads of Departments/Institutions (Other than Deans)

Sr. No. Name Department Designation College/Institutions
1 Dr. Manu Goyal Physiotherapy Ofg. Principal MMIP & R
2 Dr. Kirandeep Kaur Nursing Ofg. Principal MMIN
3 Ms.Rekha Kaushik Hotel Management Co-ordinator MMICT & BM (Hotel Mgt.)
4 Dr. Sandeep Goyal Computer Science & Enginering HOD MMEC
5 Dr. Vanita Aggarwal Civil Engineering HOD MMEC
6 Dr. Sharad Sharma Electronics & Communication Engineering HOD MMEC
7 Dr. N.K. Batra Mechanical Engineering HOD MMEC
8 Dr. Deepak Gupta Mathematics & Humanities HOD MMEC
9 Dr.Bhawna Pareek Chemistry HOD MMEC
10 Dr. Vandana Sharma Physics HOD MMEC
11 Dr. Anil Sharma Biotechnology HOD MMEC
12 Dr. Tarun Gulati Electrical Engineering Ofg. HOD MMEC
13 Dr. Debdutta Dass Oral Surgery HOD MMCDS & R
14 Dr. Sandeep Garg Prosthodontics HOD MMCDS & R
15 Dr. Shailja Chatterjee Oral Pathology HOD MMCDS & R
16 Dr. H.P. Suma Sogi Pedodontics HOD MMCDS & R
17 Dr. S.K. Sachdeva Periodontics HOD MMCDS & R
18 Dr. Shambhulingappa Oral Medicine & Radiology HOD MMCDS & R
19 Dr. Hemant Garg Orthodontics HOD MMCDS & R
20 Dr. G.M. Sogi PCD HOD MMCDS & R
21 Dr. Navneet Kukreja Conservative Dentistry HOD MMCDS & R
22 Dr. Varsha A. Singh Microbiology HOD MMIMS & R
23 Dr. Pramod Kumar Bhatia General Medicine HOD MMIMS & R
24 Dr. Amit Mittal Radiology HOD MMIMS & R
25 Dr. Pratibha Singh Paediatrics HOD MMIMS & R
26 Dr. Manjeet Singh Orthopedics HOD MMIMS & R
27 Dr. Anshu Mittal PSM/Community Medicine HOD MMIMS & R
28 Dr. Manoj Goyal Pharmacology HOD MMIMS & R
29 Dr. J.R. Thakur Anaesthesia Offg. HOD MMIMS & R
30 Dr. Deepak Walia Forensic Medicine HOD MMIMS & R
31 Dr. Jai Kishan TB & Chest/Respiratory Medicine HOD MMIMS & R
32 Dr. P.K. Manjhi Ophthalmology HOD MMIMS & R
33 Dr. Sanjeev Gupta Skin / DVL HOD MMIMS & R
34 Dr. Manisha Bathla Psychiatry HOD MMIMS & R
35 Dr.Jyoti Aggarwal Biochemistry HOD MMIMS & R
36 Dr. Lilywalia Physiology Offg. HOD MMIMS & R
37 Dr. Vijay Shrawan Nijhawan Pathology HOD MMIMS & R
38 Dr. Amarjit Singh Grover General Surgery HOD MMIMS & R
39 Dr. G.S. Gindha Anatomy HOD MMIMS & R
40 Dr. Ruby Bhatia Obstetrics & Gynecology HOD MMIMS & R
41 Dr. Manish Gupta ENT HOD MMIMS & R
42 Dr. Ajay Gehlot Neuro Surgery HOD MMIMS & R
43 Dr. Babu Ram Thapa Gastroenterology HOD MMIMS & R
44 Dr. Avinash Urology HOD MMIMS & R
45 Dr. Rajeev Kumar Radiotherapy HOD MMIMS & R


Sr. No. Name Department College/Institutions
1 Dr. J.K. Sharma Physics MMEC
2 Dr. Tapan Kumat Mukherjee Biotechnology MMEC
3 Dr. Ravindra Kumar Rawal Chemistry MMEC
4 Dr. Rajan Dhawan Conservative Dentistry MMCDS & R
5 Dr. Ramesh Ram Fry. Oral Surgery MMCDS & R
6 Dr. S.C. Sharma Radiotherapy MMIMS & R
7 Dr. Tajinder Talwar General Medicine MMIMS & R
8 Dr. L.N. Garg ENT MMCDS & R
9 Dr. P.K. Joshi Management MMIM
10 Dr. Manu Sharma Pharmacy MMCP

Associate Professors/Readers (Other than HODs)

Sr. No. Name Department College/Institutions
1 Dr. Raman Kumar Garg Biotechnology MMEC
2 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Mehta Pharmacy MMCP

Assistants Professors

Sr. No. Name Designation Position
1 Ms. Pooja Rani Biotechnology MMEC
2 Mr. Vivek Bhatnagar Computer Science & Applications MMICT&BM (MCA)

Special Invitees

1 Dr. H.K Sharma Vice chancellor,MMU Sadopur, Ambala
2 Dr.Vipin Saini Vice chancellor,MMU Solan(H.P)
3 Dr. Martin Radley director,btech software development

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