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Haryana Udhay Programme

The Haryana Police conducted the Haryana Udhay Programme, also known as “Police ki Patshala,” at MM(DU) on June 19, 2023. The aim of the program was to raise awareness among the youth about important topics such as Cyber Crime, Road Safety, and Narcotics Awareness. The event featured Sh. Deepak Kumar, IPS (Indian Police Service), and ASP (Assistant Superintendent of Police) Ambala, as the keynote speaker.

The program commenced with an introduction by senior police officials, highlighting the significance of addressing these crucial issues affecting society. Sh. Deepak Kumar, a seasoned IPS officer with extensive experience in handling cybercrime and narcotics cases, took the stage as the keynote speaker.

During his speech, Sh. Deepak Kumar emphasized the growing threat of cybercrime and the need for individuals to stay vigilant while using the internet. He discussed various types of cybercrimes, such as online fraud, identity theft, and cyberbullying, providing practical tips and precautions to safeguard personal information and digital presence.

Additionally, Sh. Deepak Kumar shed light on the importance of road safety and the alarming rise in road accidents. He emphasized the significance of following traffic rules, wearing seat belts, and avoiding drunk driving. The keynote speaker shared real-life incidents to create awareness among the attendees and stressed the role of responsible behavior in reducing road accidents.

Furthermore, ASP Ambala discussed the critical issue of narcotics and drug abuse among the youth. He highlighted the devastating impact of drugs on individuals, families, and society as a whole. Sh. Deepak Kumar shared insights into the various types of drugs prevalent in the region and the consequences of drug abuse. He emphasized the need for early detection, prevention, and rehabilitation of drug addicts.

The Haryana Udhay Programme at MM(DU) successfully provided valuable knowledge and insights to the attendees, equipping them with the necessary information to protect themselves against cybercrime, promote road safety, and combat narcotics abuse. The event concluded with an interactive session where participants had the opportunity to ask questions and seek further guidance from the experts.

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