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Campus Business Park

Campus Business Park



To support young entrepreneurs with resources and technical expertise MMDU provides a platform for students to gain real-time industry experience and learn from entrepreneurship.




CBP (Central Business Park) is created to support the success of young entrepreneurs by providing them access to MM(DU) infrastructure, resources and student talent. Young entrepreneurs already working on innovative ideas are provided with fully functional office infrastructure, where they can scale up without increasing their operational risks. CBP hopes to achieve a unique and collaborative entrepreneurial environment that embraces and utilizes the technical and business capabilities of students to take ideas to the next level.

CBP Goals

  • To set up a central infrastructure under the Campus business Park initiative, which will act as main or satellite offices for young companies.
  • Give access to centralized marketing and technical expertise to entrepreneurs to take advantage of MMDU expertise and reach.
  • Provide projects of the students to these companies to help them gain industry experience and learn from entrepreneurs and industry professionals.
  • Student-driven, a university-supported business incubator that turns students’ business ideas into reality through access to professional mentors, collaborative office spaces, and community corporate partners.


  • Provide a safe place to test and advance business ideas in a supportive environment.
  • Opportunities to grow through business training and networking with community partners, especially MMDU Alumni connect and the Center for Entrepreneurship.

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