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BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) | in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Bachelor of Physiotherapy program offered by MM (DU), Mullana is designed to meet the international standards and is recognized by the IAP. The program is taught by a qualified faculty and has a balanced exposure of both academic and clinical training in the field of Physiotherapy. The curriculum is enriched with basic medical sciences, study of various disorders of human body, basic and advanced principles of physiotherapy, assessment and physical therapy based treatment approaches. The delivery modes emphasize on evidence based clinical practices.

Lateral Entry in BPT Course

Lateral entry on case by case basis based on evaluation of syllabus and curriculum in their previous qualification. Foreign students need to get their qualification accredited by the Association of Indian Universities before they will get the admission.

Course Objective

  • To provide Self Directed and Interdisciplinary Patient centered learning
  • To develop highly qualified and skilled professionals with the help of a well-designed curriculum
  • To impart knowledge by integration of clinical and basic sciences under the modern infrastructure & well equipped environment

Course Outcome

  • Demonstrating sufficient understanding of knowledge in Physiotherapy, clinical decision-making ability and provide appropriate patient care.
  • Developing the ability to collect history, perform relevant clinical assessment and frame appropriate electrotherapeutic and exercise therapy management for the patients.
  • Developing effective communication with patients, family, colleagues and students.
  • Promoting health education and improved quality of life through the practice of the profession.


1st Year

The study of anatomy will include identification of all gross anatomical structures. Particulars emphasis will be placed on description of bones, joints, muscles, the brain, cardio pulmonary and nervous system, as these are related to the application of physiotherapy and occupational therapy in patients.

Assist the students to acquire knowledge of the normalphysiology of various body systems and understand the alternation in physiology in disease and practice of Physiotherapy as applicable for each systemic disorder.

To acquire knowledge of various concepts of Bio-molecules and their significance in human body.

To understand the uses and science of society and also the application of knowledge of sociology in Physiotherapy practices.

Provide basic knowledge about human psychology and its importance in physiotherapy which helps in treatment techniques.

Provide basic knowledge about application of general mechanics and physical agents in physiotherapy.

Increase Language awareness to assist in proof reading, research and project work in physiotherapy.

Provide students with knowledge about multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies, ecosystem, natural resources, biodiversity conservation and pollution control.

Provide students with knowledge & skills Necessary to perform basic life support to the victims of all ages.

Learn to act immediately and provide basic first aid in common conditions.

2nd Year

Correlate normal and altered morphology and pathology of different organ systems in different diseases needed for understanding disease process and their clinical significance (with special emphasis on neuro-musculo skeletal and cardio-respiratory system).

Acquire knowledge about basic principles of pharmacology and drug science for physiotherapist.

Supplements the Knowledge of anatomy and enables the student to have a better understanding of the principles of biomechanics and their application in musculoskeletal and dysfunction.

Acquire knowledge about principles of Exercise therapy along with the practical based learning of different techniques to treat the various disorders.

Acquire knowledge about principles of Electrotherapy along with the practical based learning of different modalities application.

Acquire knowledge about professionalism and ethical principles in physiotherapy practices.

Provides practical and theoretical knowledge of basic principles of Yogic Sciences.

3rd Year

Enhance knowledge about disease course, clinical features, diagnosis and management of general medicine, ear, nose , throat and eye conditions

Provides knowledge about basic procedure of surgical conditions and also the basic knowledge of OBS and Gynecology in physiotherapy.

Enhance the knowledge about orthopedics conditions their diagnosis and management principles.

Provide knowledge about structural composition of nervous system and clinical manifestation which helps to assess and treat the neurological disorders.

Provide the basic knowledge about research design and methodology, data analysis and use of computers and practical application in making projects and conducting research.

Acquire the knowledge about preventive social medicine and also the communicable and non communicable disease in community based and institution based rehabilitation.

Provide the basic assessment and management procedure of physiotherapy under the supervision of trained faculties.

4th Year

Acquire the knowledge about Physiotherapy assessment and management in various soft tissue injuries, musculoskeletal conditions, sports conditions and surgeries.

Acquire the knowledge about various causes, risk factors and clinical presentation of neurological condition focused to Physiotherapy aspect

Acquire the knowledge about physiotherapy assessment and management in gynaecological and obstetrics medical and surgical conditions

Enhance the skills and diagnosis and management of various medical and surgical conditions including practical based training

Provide knowledge about influence of various social and environmental factors of individual health and various methods to diagnose and regain the functional limitation

Acquire skills in physical diagnosis and management of various disorders and rotatory postings in different departments like Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Cardiothoracic, ICU, CCU, burns  and Physiotherapy OPD.

Develop the skills to evaluate and promote healthy life style choices

Strengthen the fundamentals of basic assessment, diagnosis and postulate this knowledge in clinical practices

Students have to complete a project work

Project Based Learning

  • MMIPR offers Structured clinical training and Case based learning.
  • The department follows innovative teaching & learning methods.
  • Clinical case presentations, seminars, and workshops on recent advancements in the Physiotherapy practice modules are a quintessential part of the curriculum
  • Students indulge in professional writing, formal presenting, critical thinking, literature evaluation, project management, data collection, data analysis based projects
  • Enriching the knowledge about theoretical fundamental on problem-solving skills.

Career Opportunities

After completing the BPT, Students can explore work opportunities in Multispecialty hospital, Sports training and fitness centers, physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers in India and Abroad. Students can opt for entrepreneurship ventures such as practitioners and consultants can be opened. Students can continue for higher studies for MPT in various specialties.

Job Opportunities

  • Independent Consultant physiotherapist
  • Rehabilitation team member
  • Cardio-respiratory Physiotherapist
  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
  • Neurological Physiotherapist
  • Pediatric physiotherapist
  • Freelancer – Physiotherapy Content Writer
  • Medical Insurance Officer
  • Custom Officer
  • Sales & Marketing Executive
  • Entrepreneurship

Eligibility Criteria

Duration: 4 Years (+1/2 year Internship)

A person, who attain the age of 17 year or more on December 31st of the year of admission and has passed one of the following examinations, shall be eligible to join the first year B.P.T Course:
The candidate should have passed the qualifying XII STD/ HSE examination (for equipment) having English as a subject and a minimum of 50% marks in science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology as mandatory subject (45% in case of reserved category), from a recognized Board/ University.


Course Course Fee 
Indian (INR) International (USD)
Tuition Fee Development Fee
65,000 8,000


  1. The Fee will have to be deposited at the time of Counselling.
  2. University Charges will be extra as per University norms.
  3. Fee once paid shall not be refunded under any circumstances.
  4. There will be an annual increase of 7% in tuition fee.
  5. Students Fund for all the students is Rs.2,000/- p.a.
  6. Life time Alumni Membership fee is Rs. 4,000/-.
  7. Hostel & Transport Charges will be extra.
  8. Students who wish to leave the Institute mid-stream, will have to deposit the fee for the remaining period of the course as per judgement of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in the case of Islamic Academy of Education and others Vs State of Karnataka & PA lnamdar case.


  • Maharishi Markandeshwar (DEEMED TO BE UNIVERSITY) Mullana, Ambala (Haryana)
  • +91-1731-274475, 76, 77, 78 | Toll Free: 1800 2740 240
  • [email protected]

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