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MBA | in Management

The MBA course aims at providing inputs to the students relevant to the business, industry and trade so that they can function in different organizations and face the challenges arising there from. The course not only aims at providing knowledge and skills in different areas of management, but also provides inputs necessary for the overall development of the personality of the students.

The structure of the course is designed in a way that students have to study the core courses from different functional areas of management that are made compulsory. Later on, specializations are offered in functional areas where the students can opt for two specializations. Right from the beginning of the course, the focus is on providing relevant inputs through case discussion / analysis, simulation games, role plays etc, keeping in mind the current business scenario.

Broadly, the course is of two years divided into four semesters. There is a system of dual specialization having five papers (two in third semester and three in the fourth semester) from specialization

1. Summer training for 6 weeks is compulsory for every student pursuing the course, which they have to undergo in the last semester IV.

2.The student can opt for two non credit summer internships too for 6-8 weeks during their MBA. The case study shall be taught wherever required.


1st Semester

To provide an understanding of the functions & tasks of Management. The emphasis of the course is to help students develop toolkit of useful skills, strategies & approaches drawn from principles and practices of management.

The main objective of this paper is to develop an understanding in students about the applicability of microeconomics for business decision.

To acquire an understanding of the principles used to prepare financial statement. To acquire the skill necessary to read, interpret and perform calculations for the accounting reports involved in cost control and profit planning to learn how to read and understand financial statements and to observe the effects of routine business transactions on them.

To enhance both verbal & written communication skills required for various managerial activities. The course attempts to provide adequate exposure to the students in the different types of communication across functional areas of an organization.

The objective of this course is to provide a theoretical framework as well as business applications of various quantitative techniques for management decisions. It aims to understand the applications of various statistical tools with emphasis on their practical applications to business scenarios.

The objective of this course is to acquaint the management students with the SAP usage to enhance their personal efficiency so that they can understand how SAP may be used to enhance organizational effectiveness.

The students will be imparted with the knowledge of laws. The students will come to know legal environment in whivh business operates, develop and approach to manage and maximize the value of the corporate legal function.
The objective of this course is to impart the professional values and the ethics which will be helpful to work in the corporate world.
The objective of this course is to develop the professional personality with the self confidence. The programme aims at grooming the students through sensitizing them about proper behavior in formal and informal circumstances.
2nd Semester

To provide an in depth understanding of the concepts, role and practices of Strategic Management in the changing Business Environment as well as practical exposure.

The course will help the students to understand the foundations of good time management and will be able to use their knowledge in the global corporate world.

To develop understanding of tools and techniques used for business research methodology from a user’s perspective and a researcher’s perspective. The practical aspects of research methodology will be emphasized. This will help to prepare students for their summer training in which students are usually assigned projects that involve use of research methodology. It will also help them in preparation of other assigned research projects.

The objective of the course is to differentiate between formulas and functions in excel.

To provide a strong conceptual foundation for corporate finance and develop the analytical skills by associating the tools and techniques.

The objectives of this course are to sensitize students to the various facets of managing people and to create an understanding of the various policies and practices of human resource management.

The objective of this course is to give the knowledge of logistics and the supply chain effectively and efficiently.

This course will provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to understand the global economic, political, cultural environment within which a firm operates.

The course will provide a structured approach to operational and creative fundamentals of event management. This will help to identify management essentials such as developing budgets, critical paths and risk mitigation.

This practical subject will give the knowledge about professional interviews and improve the public speaking skills and knowledge. This will also help to enable the students to present professionally and confidently.

3rd Semester
To provide an in depth understanding of the concepts, role and practices of Strategic Management in the changing Business Environment as well as practical exposure.
The course will help the students to understand the foundations of good time management and will be able to use their knowledge in the global corporate world.

Elective -I

Elective -II

Elective -III

Elective -IV
Elective -V
Elective -VI
4th Semester

This course introduces key concepts that an entrepreneurial aspirant will need to first understand before being able to evaluate and then manage opportunities in modern times.

The objective of this course id to enhance the ability of students to interact efficiently with people from cultures other than their own, specifically in the context of International business.
The objective is to promote the research aptitude among the students in real corporate world
Elective -I
Elective -II
Elective -III
Elective -IV
Marketing Specialization

This subject will enable the students to measure, manage and analyze marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment. This will also help to predict outcomes and systematically allocating resources.

The focus of this course is on strategic decisions about how a company can build and manage its products so that they are profitable to the company and at the same time adequately meet target customers’ needs and wants.

The objective of the course id to help students understand the principles and concepts of marketing communications, involvement tools used by marketers to inform consumers and to provide a managerial framework for IMC.

The purpose of the course is to develop an insights into emerging trends in the service sector in a developing economy and issues involved in the management of services.

To develop knowledge of contemporary retail management issues at the strategic level. To describe and analyze the way retailing works, specifically the key activities and relationships. To provide an academic underpinning to the above through the application of retailing theory and research.

Human Resource Specialization

The purpose of this course is to make the students learn about diagnostic and intervention processes so that they can become effective change agents and internal OD consultants and can plan & implement changes at the individual, group and organizational level.

The course is intended to instill in the students a sense of competitive advantage gained by Human Capital and Knowledge by exposing them to Net-based knowledge networks, Knowledge worker mobility and knowledge intranets of new knowledge based economy.

The purpose of this paper is to provide an in-depth understanding of the role of learning in the HRD, and to enable to course students to manage the Training systems and processes.

Performance management is the most critical function and strong determinant of organizational excellence. This course is designed to develop appreciation and skills essential for designing and Instituting effective performance management systems.

The course is intended to instill in the students a sense of competitive advantage gained by Talent by exposing them to Net-based Talent networks, Talent worker mobility and Talent intranets of new Talent based economy.

International Business Specialization

The will provide a broad overview of the law that regulates international trade at both a private and a public level. This subject will include laws relating to the carriage of good by sea, resolving international trade disputes etc.

The course provides an understanding of trade and investment theories, framework of trade, and analysis of markets and a range of international issues confronting trade. This course will also help enhance students’ ability to make informed getting a clear picture of the current international trade scenario, risks and other issues.

This course examines the impact of economic, cultural, political, legal and other environmental influences on international marketing. Within this context, the course emphasises on how to identify and analyze worldwide marketing opportunities, and examine product, pricing, distribution and promotion strategies.
The main objective of this paper is to develop an understanding in students about the Increasing pace of exports and the various formalities and procedure need to be taken into consideration.

The objective of this paper is to acquaint the students with the concepts and tools of multi modal transportation management relevant for an international firm & To emphasize the evolving impact of globalization on International transportation Management.

Hospital Management Specialization

To provide the students and health care professional with a valuable set of data and insights into the major features and idiosyncrasies of Indian health care delivery system and how it compares with the other systems of the world.

The Primary aim of this subject is to provide a clear, concise introduction to micro and macro economics in general and economics as applied to hospital and health care sector in specific. The student will be exposed to Indian health care policies and will also introduce to recent trends in health care sector.

This unique module is an outcome of innovative thoughts that have been conceptualized in order to prepare the students for the healthcare challenges, transforming them into future healthcare  leaders.
This subject will give the insight into the application of marketing principles in various situations in a hospital environment
To study the Health insurance in detail along with its importance.
To understand the patient care services in detail.
The objective is to discuss the hospital management and legal issues aligned with the hospital industry.
To study the Hospital information systems for the flow of information in the business.
To study the management of the various operations in the hospital for the overall optimization.
The subject will focus on recording and documenting patient information, diagnosis and treatment plan in a concise, organized manner. Learning about using the various means for effective counseling, identifying illness, initiating treatment and of obtaining follow up information
Finance Specialization
This course is to familiarize the students with the basic concepts of financial services, its scope and application. Concepts of NBFc, Financial Institutions and various financial services will be discussed in detail.

The subject is aim at providing insight to the various analytical techniques used in evaluations of the various investment opportunities. The course also provides of extension of these concepts to the portfolio of security and the concept of diversification, management of a portfolio.

The Objective of this course is to acquaint students with the banking law and practices in addition to contemporary issues in insurance sector.

To develop a global orientation for the Management of Finance in Multinational Firms. To introduce the participants to complexities of the world of international finance. To provide a thorough understanding of the financial issues facing International enterprises, particularly in developing countries. To help to learn basic analytical tools used in international corporate finance.

To Develop an Understanding of the Role Of Derivatives In Managing Risks and their Applications In different areas of Finance.
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
The objective of this subject is to get familiar with warehousing, warehousing operations and value added services to warehousing
The basic objective of this subject is to impart understanding of procurement, its functions and provide knowledge of key issues related to inventory management in current co-ordinated and collaborated SCM environment.

The course will help to enhance students ability to make informed decisions by getting a clear picture of E-commerce and purchase and inventory management. 

The basic objective of this subject is to get familiar with supply chain and its functions. How supply chain management plays an important role in today’s business world.
The objective of this subject is to understand the principles of supply chain networks, inter relation between supply chain and logistics. The subject will also impart the basic concepts of management systems involved in transportation
Information Technology Specialization

To acquaint the students with the concepts and applications of electronic commerce.

This course will explore necessary management actions, which will ensure that information is available, correct, manipulate, protected and archived. The objective of this course is to make professionals learn how these business skills can be applied effectively to cut information systems costs and improve the quality without reducing services.

The course is designed for students who need to have an overview of generic business processes. They will learn how to describe, analyze, and redesign a business process through the use of tools and methodologies.

Roles for human resources and introduction to packaged software are discussed. The concept of IT enabled BPR (business process re-engineering) across a number of domains is introduced: manufacturing, finance, distribution & logistics sales & concepts related to ERP. Students will be made aware of real life software development methodology via SDLC and popular models of software development. Students are enlightened about Entrepreneurship opportunities in IT via five case studies and finally will be introduced to the concept of “Business Analysis” & elementary documentation.

To introduce the concepts of database management systems and the design of relational databases.

Hospitality Management Specialization

The course familiarizes the students with different sectors of hospitality industry .The student will get to know about Tourism industry, Accommodation sector , Airlines,& cruise industry.

The course is aimed at familiarizing the students with various functions of front office in hospitality industry and develops the work ethics towards the customer care and satisfaction.

The objective of this paper is to make students familiar with Conference & management. It also focuses on various considerations to be kept in mind while planning and organizing an event.

The paper is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the rich Tourism resources of India. The paper shall also provide further insight in developing & designing the itinerary & Tour package.

 To study the food and beverage management control to serve the guests in the hospitality industry.

To study bith the on-board and the off- board airport hospitality management.

To study the importance of Customer Relationship management in the hospitality Industry.
To understand the tour Operations and the functions of the travel agency.
The purpose of the course is to develop an insights into emerging trends in the service sector in a developing economy and issues involved in the management of services.

The course focuses on the basic concepts, issues and techniques for efficient and effective management of operations.

Eligibility (Duration: 2 Years)


Passed Bachelor’s Degree of minimum 3 years duration.

Obtained at least 50% marks (45% in case of candidates belonging to reserved category) in the qualifying Examination

Career Opportunities

The MBA course exposes the students with the complete corporate environment, along with all the business knowledge domains, thereby having the employable opportunities in all the big business corporate having the business in various sectors like Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management and like. Also, the students can start their own business ventures after completing MBA as they have the complete knowledge of the business planning and the successful implementation of a business plan.


Course Course Fee 
Indian (INR) International (USD)
Tuition Fee Development Fee
MBA ( Management )
80,000 20,000


  1. The Fee will have to be deposited at the time of Counselling.
  2. University Charges will be extra as per University norms.
  3. Fee once paid shall not be refunded under any circumstances.
  4. There will be an annual increase of 7% in tuition fee.
  5. Students Fund for all the students is Rs.2,000/- p.a.
  6. Life time Alumni Membership fee is Rs. 4,000/-.
  7. Hostel & Transport Charges will be extra.
  8. Students who wish to leave the Institute mid-stream, will have to deposit the fee for the remaining period of the course as per judgement of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in the case of Islamic Academy of Education and others Vs State of Karnataka & PA lnamdar case.


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