Objective of the Society:

  • To develop the academic and advocacy excellence among students of the department.
  • Inculcating the spirit of leadership and teamwork, leading to academic and professional excellence.

Functioning of SMCS:

  • The SMCS shall be responsible for organising and supervising all the National, regional as well as Intra University Moot Courts/ Client counselling and other related activities.
  • Detailed set of rules and regulations for each such event shall be determined by the SMCS during academic year.
  • The SMCS may constitute further sub-committees comprising of volunteers for organising such events.
  • The SMCS shall be responsible for supervising the participation of students representing the University in various National as well as regional Moot Courts/ Client counselling along with other related activities.
  • Detailed rules and regulations regarding the selection for, and representation of students in, competitions in an academic year shall be determined by the RMCC, with approval of faculty in charge.
  • The SMCS shall notify all the students of such competitions.
  • The SMCS may conduct Intra Moot Court competition for selecting the students to represent the University in such competitions.
  • The SMCS shall discharge all related functions related to Moot Court activities not covered above.

Activities Conducted by Student Moot Court Society:

contact us at mootcou[email protected]