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Overview | Bio Technology

Biotechnology is the research-oriented science including a fusion of biology and technology. The Department of Biotechnology, MM(DU) was established in 2008 and has been significantly contributing in terms of enhancing the knowledge and practical exposure of students, providing them with ample employment opportunities, and development of more advanced technologies.

With vast number of specialties and courses, the biotechnology courses at MMEC have emerged as the youth’s preference. The Department offers courses for all, i.e. everyone aspiring to enroll in biotechnology right from an undergraduate student to a Ph. D aspirant. The success stories of students are a testimony to the faculty’scommitment and appropriate research environment across all the interdisciplinary areas of biotechnology. Our focus is to prepare the students as per the Industry requirement; hence we also train our students on Bio-Safety, Regulatory and Intellectual Property related issues in broader social context and sustainable development.


  • Accredited by NAAC with Grade A
  • NIRF RANKINGS 2020- Ranked 93rd Amongst Top 100 Universities of India
  • 1st University in North India to be Awarded QS Five Stars Global Rating for Employability, Teaching, Facilities & Social Responsibility


  • University Grants Commission(UGC)
  • All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE)

Key Features

  • Comprehensive training to students in Professional ethics, communication skills, team work skills, leadership and multidisciplinary approach
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities
  • Best learning environment
  • WiFi Campus, air-conditioned lecture theaters, and Computer Labs

Research Outcomes

Department has progressed exceedingly well in the focused research areas including Drug Resistance, Cancer Biology, Medical Microbiology, Natural Products, Plant Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Industrial Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, Nano-Biotechnology and Computational Biology.

Total Publications

492, Cumulative Thomson Reuter Impact factor~425, h-Index~40, i10-index = 139; Citations:6576; Publications having more than 3.0 impact factor~65;

Patents filed

13, Published: 04; Gene Sequences with Accession Numbers in GenBank, NCBI, USA: 125.

Faculty members have publications in highly reputed impact Journals such as Seminars in Cancer Biology (IF~11.15), Journal of Biological Chemistry (IF~4.57), Biomolecules (IF~4.6), Critical Reviews in Oncology and Hematology (IF~5.01) etc. Departmental faculty members have written 35 books and 90 book chapters from reputed publishers such as Springer-Nature, Elsevier, Degruyter and NOVA Publishers and many others are in the pipeline.

Courses | Bio Technology

B.Sc. Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary science program aimed at providing excellent carrier opportunity for the students. It is a fast emerging course providing distinctive advantages to students as it finds applications in various aspects of life sciences.

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Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology offers a balanced curriculum which gives equal importance to life science subjects such as Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology etc. and engineering subjects like Bioprocess Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Mass Transfer etc.

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This is a multidisciplinary degree which deals with different aspects of biology, cell biology and biotechnology. This course is carefully designed to cover the knowledge in key fields such as gene therapy, drug design, genomics, proteomics, genetic engineering and industrial biotechnology for plants, animals and micro-organisms.

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The Master of Science program in Botany was started in 2016-17 academic year from Biotechnology Department of the University. M. Sc. in Botany course provides a broad background in the biology of plants – from the molecular to the organism level.

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The M. Sc. course in Microbiology was started in the year of 2012 from the Department of Biotechnology of the university with an aim of providing quality education and impart in-depth knowledge to the students in various areas of microbiology so as to meet the demand of industry and academia.

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Facilities | Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University), Mullana


Academic Activities | Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University), Mullana

Sr. No.

Name of Conference/Workshop



Students-Led Conference on Emerging Trends in Multidisciplinary Research(SLCETMR-2018)



National Conference on Innovative Trends in Mathematics



International Conference on Innovative Trends in Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences (ITMCIS-17)

9/3/2017 & 10/3/2017


International Conference on Contemporary Social Issues



National Conference on Recent Advances in Chemical Sciences

11/11/2016 & 12/11/2016


National Conference on Contemporary Social Issues



International Conference on Newest Drifts in Mechanical Engineering

20/12/2014 & 21/12/2014


National Conference On Emerging Trends In Applications of Electronics and Communication Technology (ETAECT-2014)

15/1/2014 & 16/1/2014


Renewable Power Technology and Electric Drives (RPTED-2013)

19/12/2013 & 20/12/2013


2nd National Conference on River Hydraulics

22/03/2012 & 23/03/2012


HYDRO 2010

16/12/2010 & 18/12/2010





Two Day workshop on Physics and Astronomy

04/03/2017 & 05/03/2017


Three-day workshop under 'TI University Program'

15/02/2017 to 17/02/2017



06/02/2017 to 10/02/2017


One-day workshop on "Industrial Automation"



Mendeley For Researchers



Three day Workshop on Communication Skills

07/01/2017 to 10/01/2017


Workshop on "PCB and Circuit Design"



Workshop on Brain Power



A two days' workshop is organized by Centre of Excellence-National Instrument

18/10/2016 & 19/10/2016

Sr. No.

Name of Eminent Guest Speaker

Designation of the speaker

Topic of Lecture with brief summary in two lines

Date of Lecture


Mr. Rajendra Madhavrao Shende

Former Director in United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Smart city and energy conservation



Dr.Gurbachan Singh

Ex-Chairman Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board

Opportunities in Agriculture and Biological Sciences



Dr. Narottam Sharma

In Charge CMRL, Dehradun




Prof. Jose J Rodes,

Professor in University of Alicante, Spain




Mr. Rajinder Bansal, Chandigarh


Carrier counseling



Mr. Ravi Shankar Joshi

GM North India Division, IVEX Paper Chemicals Ltd

Significance of Yoga



Dr. Kusumdeep

Prof. In Mathematics, IIT Roorkee

Innovative trends in the field of Mathematics




Prof in Mathematics, Kurukshertra University, Kurukshetra

Importance of Mathematics in professional as well as personal life



Er. Rajat Chauhan

Zonal manager, CAD DESK INDIA, PTTS Pvt. Ltd, Ambala

Matlab & its Applications



Mr. Madhukar

IBM, Bangalore

Smart India Hackathon 2017

28rd Feb 2017


Er. Ankur Malhotra

Assistant Manager, IISCO Steel Plant, (Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)) at Burnpur, West Bengal

Importance of Self Study


Drug Resistance in Cancer Targeting N6 adenine specific methyltranferase 1 (N6AMT1) and drug resistance in cancer: Expanding the utilityof RNA Aptamers Funding agency-DHR-ICMR worth- 8.92 Lacs PI-Dr. Gaurav Parashar Kumar (Ph.D Biotechnology), Department of Biotechnology, MMEC, MMDU-Mullana
Parkinson's Disease Identification of neuroprotective action of compounds through prevention of alpha-synuclein toxicity in cell based and animals models of Parkinson's Disease Funding agency-ICMR worth- 36.5 Lacs PI-Dr. Sasanka Chakraborty, Department of Biochemistry, MMIMSR & Biotechnology, MMEC-Mullana CO-PI- Dr. Gaurav Parashar Kumar (Ph.D Biotechnology), Department of Biotechnology, MMEC, MMDU-Mullana
Chromium Bioremediation To develop a process for bioremediation of chromium from industrial effluents used microbial consortium, Funding agency-HSCST-PANCHKULA(Haryana) worth- 8.33 Lacs PI-Dr. Raman Kumar (Ph.D Biotechnology), Department of Biotechnology, MMEC, MMDU-Mullana CO-PI- Prof. Namita Singh (Ph.D, Microbiology), Department of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology, GJUS&T, Hissar
Bio-plastic Biodegradable plastic which can be used in manufacturing of biodegradable plasticwares. Useful for preparation of drug delivery agents. Environment friendly food packaging
Bio-fuel Biofuel can be used in replacement of fossil fuels Blending of fossil fuels. Economical use of agricultural waste.
Bio-cement Ecofriendly It can be used as an alternative of chemical based cement.
Bio-enzymes Useful for industries like detergent, food, pharma industry and waste treatments
Molecular characterization of biosynthetic pathways of bacosides in B. monnieri - Molecular components (pathway genes, TFs, miRNAs) identification through transcriptome mining, - Validation the same molecular components through qRT-PCR - Functional analysis of genes
Morphotaxonomy, molecular heterogeneity and Bioecology 1. Morphotaxonomy, Morphotaxometry, Biosystematics and Numerical Taxonomy 2. Molecular heterogeneity and barcode validation based on conserved gene sequences 3. Environmental influence on bioecology, population biology and transmission dynamics Consolidated Biological Processing of Field Crops Biomass and Crop Diversification for Sustainable Environment: i. To design an effective biological strategy for sustainable agricultural waste management in Haryana and Punjab. ii. To employed the contrivance of crop diversification in cash crops for better utilization of natural resources and financial augmentation for sustainability. Significance: Following are the significance of the present proposed project: i. Improvement in the health of soil-humus content of the agricultural fields by the management of lignocellulosic waste. ii. Prevention of the burning of field crop residues, hence overcome environmental pollution through the composting of post harvested remianders by the application of wild fungal species.

Research & Publications

Sr. No.

Name of the Teacher

Title of Patent/Copy Right

Details of Patents / Copy Right filed

Details of Publication of Patents/ Registration of Copyright in official Journal of the Patent office/ Copyright Office Govt. of India New

Patent/Copy Right Granted


Sonali Goyal, Dr. Neera Batra

A System for individual care in pervasive Environment


Published on 17/8/18



Sonali Goyal, Dr. Neera Batra

Fingertip based sensor system for health check-up


Published on 10/8/18



Dr. Rajneesh Kumar

A System for Optimized Energy Consumption in Multicast Communication And Methods Thereof Over MANET


Published on 06/07/2018


Frequently Asked Questions

Undergraduate Courses:

  • 1. B.Tech. (Biotechnology)-4 years degree programme
  • 2. B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotechnology-3 years degree programme


Postgraduate Courses: 

  • 1. M.Sc. Biotechnology-2 years degree programme
  • 2. M.Sc. Microbiology-2 years degree programme
  • M.Sc. Botany-2 years degree programme


Doctoral Programme:      

    Ph.D. in Biotechnology

Apart from having a scope in teaching at the undergraduate, postgraduate or at school level, Biotechnologists can make a career in Pharmaceutical/Therapeutic/Health Industry, Research & Development Sector, Food and Dairy Industry, Agriculture/Pesticide/Bioremediation Industry, Distillery/wine/Beer Industry, Genetic Engineering/Genetically modified (GM) Crop Industry or as a Patent Analyst as well.

Other potential option is to have a career in Research in diverse sectors including Environmental, Industrial, Medical and Microbial Biotechnology.

Students doing B.Tech in Biotechnology from MMDU have gone abroad quite often. Many multi-national companies are looking for talented students for bright job prospects in the field of Pharmaceutical, Health, Research & Development, Food and Dairy etc and offer good pay packages as well.

Our students are competent to go for higher studies abroad in technically advanced and developed countries after qualifying GRE. They may opt for variety of interdisciplinary Master’s programme in Biological sciences which makes them skilled enough to adopt a career in variety of industrial sectors abroad. Furthermore, the Master’s students of MMDU have a wide scope of going to foreign land for pursuing their career in research and pursuing higher education such as Ph.D. degree course in Biological Sciences. Ph.D. degree holders can make a career in research in the above countries by pursuing research as a Post Doctoral Fellow or Research Associate/Scientist.

No, the department is not offering any diploma or certificate courses till date.

We strive to work on over-all personality of the student and continue mentoring him or her in areas of communication, presentation and logical reasoning ability. Along with this, the focus is on inculcating time Management strategies and to have leadership skills. We continue to guide and mentor the students through various personality development sessions and also club these sessions in our classroom teaching pedagogy.

Top Companies of the region and from all across India operating in Food Biotechnology sector, Life Sciences sector, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Information technology, Fermentation and dairy industry, Pharma-covigilance and Medical Data analysis come for campus placement to MMDU to recruit students pursuing B.Tech Biotechnology. Our students are working with global organizations and making us proud each day with their achievements.

Highest pay package is near INR 6 lakh/per annum.

Yes, the Department of biotechnology at MMDU encourages students to undergo training in industry and research institutes of eminence. Moreover, the department is having research collaborations and MOUs with prestigious organizations such as National Dairy Research Institute Karnal; Directorate of Wheat Research (ICAR) Karnal, Central Soil Salinity Research institute, Karnal (Haryana), Anuja Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Dera Bassi and ONIOSOME Health Care Pvt. Ltd., Mohali, Punjab, India. Students are also encouraged to pursue training at these organizations depending upon their research interests.

Yes, Department has a strong mentor-mentee interaction platform where each and every teacher mentor owns 15-20 students and guides them accordingly for academic progress and employability as well.

Such brilliant minds are encouraged to undertake projects and present their ideas cum research in the form of oral or poster presentations at various conferences/workshops/seminars.

Yes, the Department of biotechnology at MMDU remains committed to train students by organizing expert lectures, workshops and training cum entrepreneurial programmes.

We organize many national-level and international workshops, seminars and industry conferences every year. The students of our department get to participate in industry sponsored as well as academic conclaves. A variety of cultural activities are organized not only at the departmental level but also at the University level where the students participate and show their talent. Annual Youth Mega Festival, UNIVERSUMM, AMMUNATION and other youth fests organized at MMDU and its constituent institutes give our students a chance to get fame and awards. Our students also take part in community activities through National Service Scheme (NSS). Our students have been representing the college in sports as well.

Yes, in fact the Department encourages such interdepartmental interactions and participation in cultural activities. Our students have won laurels at university as well as inter-university fests and cultural competitions.

Valid Identification card with appropriate verification is must to get access to the MMDU’s main library. This is issued by the Department administration.

The department aims to produce world class Bioengineers, Bio-entrepreneurs and Biotechnologists who can innovate, invent and further disseminate the knowledge to the society and the mankind. Department has been majorly focusing in research areas including drug resistance, cancer biology, natural products, microbial biotechnology, bioremediation, industrial microbiology and computational biology providing a strong platform for the students to do research projects or PhD from the department.

Yes, Orientation ceremony and Freshers’ party are organized every year to welcome the new joining students



  • Maharishi Markandeshwar (DEEMED TO BE UNIVERSITY) Mullana, Ambala (Haryana)
  • +91-1731-274475, 76, 77, 78 | Toll Free: 1800 2740 240
  • [email protected]

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