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Overview | Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronic & Communication engineers are meant to innovate, design, assemble and operate electronic devices, equipments that are used for a number of applications like Scientific Works, Entertainment, Commercial, Industrial and Military Production etc. An electronics engineer is specialized in Networking, Telecommunication, Biomedical Equipments, Industrial Equipments, Controls, Mobile Technology, VLSI and Embedded Systems etc. They are efficient enough in research, adapting current technologies like Internet-of-things, Virtual Instrumentation, Wireless Sensor Networks etc used for designing and development of new applications and devices.

Future Prospects

A layman’s imagination of an ECE, is a man working on an integrated chip in a sophisticated lab. With the evolution of the computer age, ECE has crept into every sphere of human life, thus increasing its scope manifolds. Electronics is now a part of our everyday life, from your pocket FM radio to televisions, computers, mobile phones and even the high-end satellites that are helping you read this article now. In the today’s world, imagining a life bereft of electronic gadgets seems impossible. Perhaps that is why electronics have become the vertebrae of digital Technology.

ECE students can find their career in industries like consumer electronics manufacturing organization, Telecommunication & IT industries, Health care equipment manufacturing, Mobile communication (2G, 3G, 4G), Internet technologies, Power Electronics, and other industries like steel, petroleum and chemical industry etc. With the advent of these latest technological innovations, new opportunities came into existence for electronics & communication engineers.
Graduates in Electronics Engineering also have lots of opportunities in Government and private companies in the areas of design, manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance of electronics equipment and systems.

Major Strengths

  • The department utilizes its state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities to the fullest to provide  the best learning environment  to the students. The facilities include  Wi-Fi Campus, air-conditioned ICT equipped lecture theaters, and Computer Labs with all the latest industry-orientated software like VHDL, MATLAB, Xilinx, VisSim, LABVIEW, MULTISIM,  etc.
  • The experienced and highly-qualified faculty has strong research-oriented inclination, which helps them to impart quality technical education and exposure to the students. Their expertise aims to play a pivotal role in the development of budding Engineers and emphasize on critical thinking.
  • The department maintains a great rapport with industries and R&D organizations. It has an MOU with AICTE-BSNL under “Employability Enhancement Training Program (EETP)” and has collaboration with IIT Delhion “Virtual Labs”. There is a “Centre of Excellence” in collaboration with  National Instrument (NI) , Bangalore. In addition to that, the department has also established  Texas Instruments Innovation Center (TIIC)  (A partner of Texas Instruments India University Program). This centre of excellence is equipped with a state-of-the-art facility for the Internet of Things (IOT) lab . These collaborations have created ample opportunities in various Public sector undertakings like  BSNL, BEL, DRDO, ISRO,  etc. 
  • The department has been arranging various academic activities like National Conferences, Short Term Courses, and Faculty Development Programs sponsored by  MHRD/AICTE/ISTE.  The department is also the Nodal center for ICT based FDP/workshops in  collaboration with NITTTR, Chandigarh under MHRD.
  • The department focuses on the overall development of budding engineers and emphasizes on critical thinking, communication skills, creativity, ethical and professional behaviour. Due to these efforts, students are getting placements in core companies as well as IT companies like Infosys, Microsoft, Click Labs, RRB Energy, Cognizant, J K Technosoft, IBM, Genpact, e-Clerx, KPIT, Lava, Oasis Electronics, etc.
  • It has more than 500 publications in various reputed International and National journal and conference proceedings.
  • The department involves students to work on live projects in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Students have designed various projects like Touch based controlled wheelchair, blind stick FEEL FREE (social network of sympathizer) for the well being of society.

Courses | Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University), Mullana

Electronics & Communication Engineering is the most emerging and evolving discipline in all respects. Electronics engineers conduct research and oversee the development of electronic systems and manufacturing of electronic equipment and devices.

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Master of Technology in Electronics and Communication is a post graduate course. The course duration is two years i.e. four semesters. The course covers wide range of advanced communication subjects such as Advanced Wireless Communication, Advanced Optical Communication,

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Career outlook

Here we bring to you in-depth information on career opportunities and growth in Electronics and Communication industry. ECE professionals may work in nearly every industry such as commercial, industrial, military or scientific companies. Job opportunities are available in both software and electronics companies.There is no dearth of good opportunities for an Electronics and Communication Engineer as they can avail job opportunities in a multitude of industries upon successful completion of their degrees. Indian Telephone Industries, Civil Aviation, Development Centers in various States, Defense, A.I.R, Railways, Bharat Electronics Limited, D.R.D.O, Telecommunication, Software Engineering/IT, Power sector, Hardware Manufacturing, Home Appliance and VLSI design, Television Industry and the latest technologies include self-driving cars, autonomous drone logistics, robotics, automation in industries, smart energy systems etc.
Research & Development etc are some of the popular sectors where the services of an Electronics and Communication engineer are required.  One may also enter into research and development sector.
Electronics and Communication Products and Solutions are used in various industries across the world. Major technical fields which offer Jobs for ECE engineers are

Electronics Circuit Design
Signal processing
Wireless and Mobile Communication
Optical Communication
Embedded Systems
Analog electronics
Digital electronics
Power Electronics
Consumer Electronics
Solid State Physics
Control systems
Mobile Companies
TOP Companies which offer JOBS for ECE engineers are
Texas Instruments
National Instruments
Samsung Electronics
Philips Semiconductors
LG Electronics
Bharat Heavy Electrical’s Limited (BHEL)
Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL)
National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)

Facilities | Electronics & Communication Engineering

Sr. No.

Name of Lab



Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications Lab

This laboratory familiarizes the students with the knowledge of various Integrated circuits and develops the designing skills in the students. It also trains the students in designing and assembling analog electronic circuits for practical applications.


Analog Electronics Lab

This laboratory intends to provide an overview of the principles, operations, and application of the analog building blocks like diodes, BJT, FET, etc. for performing various functions.


Electronic Design & Simulation Lab

This laboratory teaches students about the PCB designing, component mounting and soldering, and also awares the students with the software available for simulation and PCB designing.


Digital Signal Processing Lab

This laboratory aims to teach students about Digital Signal Processing, implementing various signal processing algorithms on the computer as well as on DSP trainer kits. This lab also makes students able to program digital signal processing algorithm in MATLAB software.


Digital Electronics Lab

This laboratory provides a platform for the students to have hands-on experience with digital ICs. The students will be able to have a better understanding of the concepts learned and they will gain experience in designing, testing, and realizing digital circuits.


Communications Lab

This laboratory gives exposure to various modulation, demodulation techniques used in a communication system. It also develops knowledge about pre-emphasis and de-emphasis circuits. It also demonstrates digital communication concepts by providing hands-on experience using kits and using simulation environments such as MATLAB/Simulink/VisSim.


Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Lab

This laboratory makes the students work and gain knowledge about industry-oriented advanced processors and controllers using embedded kits and software.


Wireless Communication & Networks Laboratory

This laboratory makes students familiar with wireless networks and their design challenges. It also enhances the students knowledge about mobile networks: GPS, GSM, CDMA, and Bluetooth.


Project Lab

Project laboratory involves the integration and implementation of knowledge and skills acquired during the degree program. It involves group work with hands-on experience on some live projects in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.


Microwave Lab

This laboratory involves the practical study of microwave devices and components. It also deals with the development of student ability to handle microwave equipment and make measurements.


Multimedia Communication Lab

This laboratory provides an introduction to fundamental concepts of Multimedia Communication and to understand various audio/video coding techniques.

National Instruments (NI)

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering and Electrical Engineering of the Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University) have signed a joint MoU with  National Instruments (NI) Systems India Pvt. Ltd. to set up  NI Centre of Excellence  for academic and research purpose. NI products are used worldwide by educators and researchers for robotics, mechatronics, control, and communication applications. The NI LabVIEW graphical system design and NI real-time hardware platforms provide hands-on design opportunities for engineering graduates. LabVIEW development program provides a platform for realistic problem solving, accelerating productivity & continual innovation and is widely used by the industries.

Texas Instruments (TI)

Department of Electronics & Communication and Electrical Engineering have signed a MoU with Texas Instruments to set up Texas Instruments Innovation Center (TIIC) under TI University Program for academic and research purpose. TI University Program is a global program dedicated to supporting educators, researchers and students in facilitating the inclusion of TI analog and embedded processing in engineering classrooms, teaching and research labs, textbooks, design projects, and course curriculum. By building relationships with educators, TI works to bridge the gap between the business and academic world.  Incorporating TI technology into curriculum provides educators with the ability to teach real-world concepts and complement this with a unique hands-on learning experience utilizing TI tools, making it more exciting, relevant, and valuable to the students.


Academic Activities | Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University), Mullana

Sr. No.

Name of Conference



National Conference on Innovative Trends in Mathematics



International Conference on Innovative Trends in Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences (ITMCIS-17)

9/3/2017 & 10/3/2017


International Conference on Contemporary Social Issues



National Conference on Recent Advances in Chemical Sciences

11/11/2016 & 12/11/2016


National Conference on Contemporary Social Issues



International Conference on Newest Drifts in Mechanical Engineering

20/12/2014 & 21/12/2014


National Conference On Emerging Trends In Applications of Electronics and Communication Technology (ETAECT-2014)

15/1/2014 & 16/1/2014


Renewable Power Technology and Electric Drives (RPTED-2013)

19/12/2013 & 20/12/2013


2nd National Conference on River Hydraulics

22/03/2012 & 23/03/2012


HYDRO 2010

16/12/2010 & 18/12/2010

Name of Eminent Guest Speaker

Designation of the speaker

Topic of Lecture with brief summary in two lines

Date of Lecture

Mr. Ravi Shankar Joshi

GM North India Division, IVEX Paper Chemicals Ltd

He has highlighted the significance of yoga in our routine life. He encouraged all to do yoga in order to make themselves physically and mentally fit.


Dr. Kusumdeep

Prof. In Mathematics, IIT Roorkee

She discussed the innovative trends in the field of Mathematics. She explained her points in a very simple and effective manner.


Dr. Anil Vashisth

Prof in Mathematics, Kurukshertra University, Kurukshetra

He gave his views on the importance of Mathematics in professional as well as personal life.


Er. Rajat Chauhan

Zonal manager, CAD DESK INDIA, PTTS Pvt. Ltd, Ambala

Matlab & its Applications: He told the students about the importance of Matlab Software in Electronics and Communication Engineering field. He also discussed importance of AutoCAD software.


Mr. Madhukar

IBM, Bangalore

Smart India Hackathon 2017: Online guest lecture was organized by CSE Department on 28rd Feb 2017. Two teams of Computer Science and Engineering Department of Maharishi Markandeshwar Engineering College are selected for the Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2017, to fulfill the Vision for Digital India of Hon'ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi ji.

28rd Feb 2017

Er. Ankur Malhotra

Assistant Manager, IISCO Steel Plant, (Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)) at Burnpur, West Bengal

He motivated the students for self-study and shared his experience in the industry.


Dr. Satnam Kaur

Prof. In English, Jammu University, Jammu

She presented her views about Women Empowerment. She said that women empowerment is the need of the hour. Moreover, she exhorted women very clearly that they must develop their power of independent decision making.


Dr. Tejinderkaur

Director, Daisporic Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala

She gave an expert talk on Communication Skills in English and expressed her views on the importance of English in our day to day life. She encouraged the students to learn the basics of English in order to improve their communication skills.


Ms. Manisha

Student from MIT

Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship: The talk was a perfect blend of innovation and the social causes that affect each and every one of us. The society has many issues which one sees everyday, and despite having solutions for them do not take action. The speaker encouraged the students to take a stand and do what is right by using what they have that is, their technical skills and the hunger to do more.


Dr.Anil Raina English, Punjab University Chandigarh

He suggested some very useful and valuable tips to improve communication skills in English.


Prof. K. Sreeniwas

Professor, Deptt. of Physics & Astrophysics Director, Univ. Science & Inst. Centre (USIC), Delhi University, Delhi

Research and applications of Magneto-Electric Effect, Materials & Devices.


Kumaresan N.


Webinar was based on Quality assurance using Agile Software. The process of software testing was discussed in the webinar which was very beneficial for the students


Prof. Ravi Bhushan

Professor, Chemistry Department, IIT Roorkee

Less Known Features of Stereochemistry of Racemic Pharmaceuticals in the Market.


Prof. A. K. Sharma

Professor & head, Biotechnology, MMEC, MM(DU) Mullana

Seminar on Scientific Report Writing.


Dr. Pradeep Kumar

Professor, IIT Roorkee

Six Sigma: Data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects in any process from manufacturing to transactional and from product to service.


Dr. Rakesh Kumar Mahajan

Professor & Dean (Colleges) Department of Chemistry, Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar-143005 India

Electrochemical sensors for cation/anion recognition.


Mr. E. V. Gireesh

Dynamic Trainer and Inspirational Speaker

Green The Environment, Clean the Mind, Positive thinking, Psychology of Winning, Self-Management, Values in Education and Power of Meditation.


Mr. Kamod Mishra

Human Resource Head Simplex Infrastructures Limited

Mr. Mishra share his views about the basic necessary requirement of the students how to face an interview. He talks about the necessity of growing good communication skills.


Mr.Vivek SheelDutt and Mr.Nitin Tiwari

Manager & Design Engineer, DKOP labs Pvt. Ltd., Noida

Expert talk on VLSI DESIGN flow and its FPGA Implementation using Verilog.


Prof. M. R. Maurya

Professor, Chemistry Department, IIT Roorkee



Dr. Bonapali Pal

Professor, Thapar University, Patiala

Concept of Impact of Nanoscience on the improved physiochemical properties of materials.


Dr. Alok Verma

Professor, Old Dominion University, US

Lean Manufacturing: Systematic method to eliminate wastes in the industry.


Mr. Rajesh Kumar; MrsShubhangi; Mr Kumar Rohi

Deputy General Manager; Assistant Manager(Tech); Assistant Manager(Tech); National Small Industries Corporation(NSIC), Rajpura

Entrepreneurship Orientation Program (EOP).


Dr. Jonathan Joshi

CEO, Eduvance Technologies, Mumbai

Embedded Technology.


Dr. S. P. Harsha

Associate Professor, IIT Roorkee

Mechanics of Materials: Deals with the behavior of solid objects subject to stresses and strains.


Prof. P.K Joshi

TIFR, Mumbai

Nuclear Physics Experiments and its applications.


Prof. Sarbjit Singh

Ex Scientist H, Radiochemistry Division, BARC, Mumbai

Nuclear Radioactivity, its applications and nuclear waste.


Dr. J. S. Saini

Professor, EED, DCRUST

Research Motivation.


Dr. L. M. Saini

Professor, EED, NIT, KKR

Renewable Energy Sources Based Technologies.


Prof. Mahavir Singh

Professor Department of Physics Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla

Fabrication and Application of Magnetic Nanoparticles.


Dr. G. N. Pillai

Professor, IIT, Roorkee

Advancement in Neural Network along with its Applications.


Mr. Jaswinder Singh

NexGen Consultancy

Power Automation System.


Dr. Dheeraj Joshi

Associate Professor, DTU, Delhi

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Electrical Engineering.


Dr. Ashwani Kumar

Professor, EED, NIT, KKR

Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Determination in Deregulated Electricity Markets to improve the reliability of the power system.


Naveen Kumar

CEO, EMTECH Foundation

Embedded System Technology.


Dr. D. R. Panda

Sr. Manager, QA, Ranbaxy Lab, Ponta Sahib

Analytical Techniques.


Prof. S.K. Chakarvarti

Dean Research ManavRachna International University, Faridabad

What is Research? How can get entered into it. What are opportunities and how you can avail those?


Dr. Pawan Kumar

Professor, Chemistry Department, Kurukshetra University

NMR Spectroscopy and its application.


Dr. Rameshwar Dass

Professor, Guru NanakKhalsa College, Yamunanagar

UV Spectroscopy and its application.


Prof. O.P. Pandey

School of Physics & Material Science Thapar University Patial

Nano Science and its craze. Physical, Chemical, electrical and Biological properties of Nanomaterial.




Three-day workshop under 'TI University Program'

15/2/2017 to 17/2/2017


06th to 10th February 2017

One-day workshop on "Industrial Automation"


Three day Workshop on Communication Skills

7-10 Jan, 2017

Workshop on "PCB and Circuit Design"


Workshop on Brain Power


A two days' workshop is organized by Centre of Excellence-National Instrument

18/10/2016 & 19/10/2016

Induction Training Program through ICT On "Web based Content Development using Moodle

03-07 Oct. 2016

One day workshop on Virtual Labs in Collaboration with IIT, Delhi


MS Office Workshop

17th ,24th September, 2016

Advances in Computer Aided Drug Design & Discovery


Cyber Crime Investigation & Ethical Hacking


Mendeley For Researchers


Two days' workshop on "Vision Robotics" by Rob sapiens in association with IIT Delhi

2/2/2016 & 3/2/2016

Vedic Mathematics

5/11/2015 & 6/11/2015

Cloud Computing


One day workshop on Virtual Labs in Collaboration with IIT, Delhi


Sustainable Environment Management

23rd to 27th February 2015

Lab Safety in Chemistry


Environmental Engineering Management through ICT, NITTTR Chandigarh

3rd to 7th March 2014

Two Day workshop on Physics and Astronomy

4/3/2017 & 5/3/2017

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

3rd -5th April 2012

Phoenix Training Program


Tech. Fest

21/3/2011 & 22/3/2011

"Overhauling of Maruti Suzuki Car Engines" Collaboration

8/3/2011 & 9/3/2011.

ICT based two days' workshop on "2G & 3G

3/9/2015 & 4/9/2015


Research & Publications

Sr. No.

Faculty Name

Official Email Address

Academic Roles & Responsibilities

Area of Interest

Research & Publications


Dr. Sharad Sharma

[email protected]

Professor and Head ECE Dept., Chairman BOS of ECE Dept., Member of FET of MMEC, Member of Academic Council.

Wireless and Mobile Communication, Internet of Things, Soft Computing

47 Papers published in Journals and conferences


Dr. Tarun Gulati

[email protected]

Officiating Head EE Department, member of BOS of ECE Department, ChairmanBOS of EE Department, member of Academic Council and FET,,Management representative of ISO.

Signal Processing

53 Papers published in Journals and conferences


Dr. Kapil Gupta

[email protected]

Syllabus updation member, Member of Grievance Redressal Cell, Time Table Incharge, ERP Incharge, Student Advisor, Lab-Incharge, Member of Anti-ragging committee.

Wireless Communication, Diversity Techniques, ITC.

32 International Journal and 09 conference publications


Dr. Pooja Kaushik

[email protected]

D.R.C Coordinator, Ph.D Coordinator, Website Upgradation Committee, Social Media Updates Committee, Sessional Incharge, Sessional Improvement Incharge, Monthly Review Report, Alumni Data/Meet Committee, E-Bulletin Committee, Mentoring, Lab-incharge, NI-Center of Excellence Incharge.

Digital image processing

23 Journal and 10 conference publications


Er. Abhay Bindal

[email protected]

Lab Incharge, Co-ordinator USIC, Co-Ordinator TI Centre of Excellence,Class Checking Committee.

Wireless & mobile communication,VLSI

20 Journal, 5 national & international Conferences


Er. Rohit Lamba

[email protected]

Member of Research and Publication Data Maintenance Committee.

Optical Communication

4 in journals and 2 in conference


Er. Karan Aggarwal

[email protected]

NSS Coordinator, NCC Coordinator, Press & Media Incharge of University, Cultural Coordinator-MMEC.

Signal Processing

7 International Journals, 8 International and National Conferences and 1 Springer Book Chapter


Er. Ruchi Garg

[email protected]

Lab -Incharge,Dress/Uniform Checking Coordinator,Departmental International Student Coordinator, Member Class Checking Committee.

wireless networking

6 in journals and 4 in conference



  • Maharishi Markandeshwar (DEEMED TO BE UNIVERSITY) Mullana, Ambala (Haryana)
  • +91-1731-274475, 76, 77, 78 | Toll Free: 1800 2740 240
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