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Overview | Pharmacy

M.M. College of Pharmacy has emerged as the preferred choice for the youth all over India in the field of pharmaceutical Education due to its innovative education, pioneering research, and interdisciplinary practice development. Established in the year 1995 under the M. M. University trust, MMCP provides dynamic academic experience to a high achieving diverse student body to produce the best graduates with great leadership qualities in a learning and focused environment. MMCP has been consistently recognized as one of the best pharmacy schools in the nation due to their continued efforts to improve pharmacy education, research and practice to tackle society’s toughest healthcare problems. We have dedicated faculty, staff, which along with the students, alumni and industry partners who work together to shape the field of pharmacy, fast-track innovations in education, drug discovery and development, healthcare, and progressive practice. MMCP is offering various professional courses like Bachelor of Pharmacy, Master of Pharmacy with specializations (Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology and Quality Assurance), Doctor of Pharmacy and Pharm D (PB) and Doctor of Philosophy program in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
The M. M. College of pharmacy have approvals of respective regulating council’s such as AICTE, Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and NBA. Presently the NIRF ranking of M. M. College of pharmacy is 41. The college is recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India as SIRO (Scientific and Industrial Research Organization).

  • Consistent and continuous research activities are being pursued by the faculty which help in continuous updation of knowledge of our students as well. Moreover, the college has several collaborations with Research Institutions, Multi-National Pharmaceutical Industries and Biotechnology Industries.
  • MMCP has filed about 77 patents, published 340 articles till date. Not only this, 70 copyrights has been filed, out of which four have been already been awarded by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education, Government of India.
  • Two Research projects funded by DST and CCRH (Department of Ayush) has been completed and two research projects are currently going on under the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi and Department of Biotechnology (DBT) in MMCP.

Vision:  Providing technical and practice oriented pharmacy education to prepare students with attributes to meet the need of industry and society.

Mission:  *To develop best technically competent pharmacy professionals by inculcating desired attributes in them for meeting industry demands.

*To make best pharmacists who can practice pharmacy to become effective team member of healthcare system and provide optimum pharmaceutical care solutions. 

*Promotion of useful and innovative research to contribute in development  of nation and global society 

Courses | Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) is an undergraduate degree course in the field of Pharmacy education. The Pharmacy field offers us lots of career opportunities. B Pharm focuses on the study of biology, pharmaceutical chemistry (inorganic, physical and organic), biochemistry, medicines, physiology, pharmacology, dispensing etc.

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M. Pharm. or Master of Pharmacy is a postgraduate academic degree which is awarded for a course or program in the field of pharmacy. The M. M. college of Pharmacy is offering M. Pharm. (Quality assurance) course of two years duration. M. Pharmacy is divided into number of semester. Students attend lectures and seminars and take part in practical pharmacy placements.

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M. Pharm. or Master of Pharmacy is a postgraduate academic degree which is awarded for a course or program in the field of pharmacy. The M. M. college of Pharmacy is offering M.pharm. ( Pharmaceutics) course of two years duration. M. Pharmacy is divided into number of semester. Students attend lectures and seminars and take part in practical pharmacy placements.

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M. Pharm. or Master of Pharmacy is a postgraduate academic degree which is awarded for a course or program in the field of pharmacy. The M. M. college of Pharmacy is offering M. Pharm. (Pharmacology) course of two years duration. M. Pharmacy is divided into number of semester. Students attend lectures and seminars and take part in practical pharmacy placements.

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MM College of Pharmacy is offering Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) course in two variants. One is of six year duration (minimum eligibility 10+2 Science Maths/Biology/Diploma in Pharmacy) while other is known as PharmD PB (Post Baccalaureate) of three year duration (minimum eligibility B.Pharm).

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Academic Activities | Pharmacy

Sr. No.

Name of Conference/ Workshop



Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

3rd to 5th October, 2018


Current Trends in IPR

4th August, 2018


Advance Trends in Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery, Designing & Development

21st July, 2018


Modern Aspects Of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences

8th January, 2018


Research Methodology

4th -9th December 2017


Clinical Pharmacy Competencies

10th November, 2017


Women Empowerment and Gender Equality in Digital India

3rd November, 2017


Intellectual Property Rights in Modernized World

31st October,2017


Medication Therapy Management

16th to 18th October, 2017


Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme

28th September, 2017


MENDELEY for Researchers

22nd March, 2017


National Level Vendor Development Programme cum industrial exhibition on “Pharmaceuticals, Hospital equipments and allied products

8th -9th February, 2017


Women Empowerment and gender equality in Digital India

30th January, 2017


Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators

2nd December, 2016


Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme

9th November, 2016


Efficient and Effective pharmaceutical management in Hospital- towards Healthcare Quality and better Patient Safety

24th - 26th October, 2016


Advances in Computer Aided Drug Design & Discovery

1st August, 2016


Entrepreneurship Development Programme

7th January-18th January, 2016


Induction Training Programme on Communication Skill

2nd – 6th Novemeber,2015


Changing Paradigm of Copyright, Patent and Other IPR Issues in India

25th -26th April, 2015


IHPA 51st Annual Conference on Present Scenario and Future Perspective in Health Care Practice

13th-14th March,2015


Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

21st February, 2015


Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme

28th November, 2014


Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) Programme

23rd November, 2014


Entrepreneurship Development Programme

11th November, 2014


ICT Based Programme on “Communication Skills”

21st October, 2014

Sr. No.Name of WorkshopDate

Mendeley for Researchers



Advances in Computer Aided Drug Design & Discovery



Recent advances in Preclinical Pharmacology


Sr. No.

Name of Eminent Guest Speaker



Date of Lecture


Mr. Dheeraj Garg,

Nutrition Executive, Nestle India Ltd.

Qualities and attributes of an ideal entrepreneur



Mr. Jatin Wadhwa,

Sr. Territory Business Manager, AICE Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

Entrepreneurship and Job Opportunity for the Pharmacy Student



Dr. Joseph Mathews

Cliniminds, Noida, UP

CliniRex- How to use



Mr. Vikash Kumar

Medgenera Ghaziabad (U.P.)

Global scope of healthcare professionals and pharmacists & campus placement



Mr. Pankaj Mishra

Medgenera Ghaziabad (U.P.)

Importance of soft skills and communication in personality development



Dr. Harish Dureja

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, M.D. University, Rohtak

Non Compartment Modelling



Mr. Ravikant

Consultant-Australia & New Zealand AECC Global Chandigarh

Role of Pharmacists in society and the process of building career in Australia & New Zealand



Mr. Pankaj Suneja

Business Development Manager-Punjab AECC Global Chandigarh

Shaping careers



Dr. Shailesh Sharma,

Director, ASBASJSM College of pharmacy, Bela (Ropar), Punjab.

Optimization Techniques



Dr. Sandeep Kumar

HOD (Pharmaceutics), ASBASJSM College of pharmacy, Bela (Ropar), Punjab

Importance of solubility



Dr. Dhirender Kaushik,

APTI Vice President Northern Region & IPS -Finance Secretary from Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Recent Trends in Pharmaceutical Education and Research



Dr Suresh Kumar

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research, Punjabi University, Patiala

Plant Based Hit to Lead Molecules



Dr Reecha Madaan

Professor, Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Chitkara University, Rajpura

Plant Drug Standardization: Challenges And Solutions


Name of the Teacher Title of Patent Details of Patents filed with the Patents office Govt. of India New Delhi Details of Publication of Patents in official Journal of the Patent office Govt. of India New Delhi Patents Granted
Minaxi Saini, Dinesh K. Mehta, Rina Das, Vipin Saini Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Pyridazin-3-one Derivatives File No. 201911053661, C.B.R. No. 42365, dated 24/12/2019 In Process
Dr. Manish Kumar, A. Pandurangan, Sumeet Gupta, Sheetal Devi, Dr. J.S. Sandhu, Dr. Amit Mittal, Vipin Saini A system of development and validation of UV spectroscopy method for simultaneous determination of curcumin and berberine HCl in floating tablet dosage form File No. 201911052244, C.B.R. No. 41363 dated 17/12/2019 In Process
Manish Kumar, Amandeep, A. Pandurangan, Sumeet Gupta, Sheetal Devi, Shailendra Bhatt, Vipin Saini Formulation and optimization of Bifonazole containing nano-structured lipid carriers based in-situ G File No.201911050065, C.B.R. No.39821 dated 05/11/2019 In Process
Tulshi Chakraborty, Sumeet Gupta, Vipin Saini A pharmaceutical topical composition and method of preparation for treating dermatological manifestation of Diabetes mellitus File No.201911017308, C.B.R. No.13449. dated 01/05/2019 In Process
Gulab Singh, Prerna Sarup, K. Jagatheesh, Vinod Kumar, Vipin Saini A method for early detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis File No. 201811048032 dated 19/12/18 In Process
Vipin Saini, Lakshay Sharma, Jashanpreet Singh Sanhu, Harma preet Singh Duggal Dissolution apparatus (Design patent) File No. 312785 dated 05/12/18 In Process
Prerna Sarup, Vipin Saini, Vichitra Kaushik, Girish Kumar Gupta Oil Extractor File No. 308811 dated 14/08/18 In Process
Prerna Sarup, Vipin Saini, Manisha Bhatia, Jagatheesh Kaliaperumal, Randhir Singh Dahiya Particle Sizer File No. 308810 dated 14/08/18 In Process
Tulshi Chakraborty, Surinder Sachdeva, Vipin Saini Subgingival Delivery of Pharmaceutical Compositiono of Morinda Citrifolia Leaf Extract of the Treatment Of Periodontitis and the Therapeutic Use Thereof File No. 201811029559 dated 06/08/2018 In Process
Tulshi Chakraborty, Surinder Sachdeva, Vipin Saini, Nishu Vakil, Sumeet Gupta A Pharmaceutical Composition Containing Rosuvastatin for the Treatment of Periodontitis and the Therapeutic Use Thereof File No. 201811029558 dated 06/08/2018 In Process
Manish Kumar, Ajay Pathania, Vipin Saini, A. Pandurangan, Shailendra Bhatt, Prerna Sarup. Novel nanostructured lipid carrier-based ophthalmic controlled release formulation for treatment in fungal keratitis File No. 201811021213 dated 06/06/2018 In Process
Dabashis Roy, Shailendra Bhatt, Vipin Saini A novel method of dissolution for fast dispersible tablets (FDTS) and uses thereof File No. 201811020676 dated 01/06/2018 In Process
Chinmoy Kumar, Manish Kumar, Vipin Saini A novel method of dissolution for combination dosage form of Telmisartan & Nebivolol hydrochloride tablets File No. 201811020674 dated 01/06/2018 In Process
Sr.No. Name of the Teacher Copy Right Details of Copy Right filed with the Patents office Govt. of IndiaNew Delhi Details of Publication of copyrights Copy Rights Granted
1 Dinesh Kumar Mehta, Rina Das, Vipin Saini, Prerna Sarup Performa for the attainment of course outcomes for NBA accrediation Copyright Number20650/2019-CO/L Dated 24/12/2019 In Process
2 Dinesh Kumar Mehta, Rina Das, Vipin Saini, Prerna Sarup, Manu Sharma, Shailendra Bhat, Anuj Malik, Akash Jain Lesson plan template for technical institutions Copyright Number20649/2019- CO/L Dated 24/12/2019 In Process
3 Dinesh Kumar Mehta, Rina Das, Vipin Saini, Manish Kumar Singh, Jasmine Jain, Jagatheesh, Amit Mittal Feedback performa to improve teaching and learning process of the program Copyright Number20648/2019-CO/L Dated 24/12/2019 In Process
4 Tarun Singh, M.S.Rathore, Vipin Saini, Sumeet Gupta, Shikha Rani Practical manual to record and evaluate the hospital activities proformed by students of Pharm D program Copyright Number-12953/2018-CO/L dated 13/09/2018 In Process
5 Vipin Saini, Shikha Rani, Tarun Singh Case presentation format, record, and evaluation for the students of PharmD program Copyright Number-12952/2018-CO/L dated 13/09/2018 In Process


Sr. No.Name of LabDescription
1Pharmacology Lab-IExperiments pertaining to human anatomy, physiology and pharmacology are being conducted. The lab comprises of well equipped Sherrington’s rotating drums, student organ bath, spirometer and all adequate for anatomy learning.
2Pharmacology Lab-II (Research)The advanced pharmacological screening methods are performed. The laboratory enriched with sophisticated instruments includes stereotaxis, plethysmometer, non-invasive B.P. apparatus and all necessary major and minor facilities available to the extent of satisfactory research curriculum.
3Laboratory (Pilot Plant)A pilot plant is a pre-commercial production system that employs new production technology and/or produces new technology-based products by using double cone blender, multimill, coating pan tray dryer and oscillating granulator, mainly for the purpose of learning about the new technology. The knowledge obtained is then used for design of full-scale production systems and commercial products, as well as for identification of further research objectives and support of investment decisions. Pilot plant is a relative term in the sense that pilot plants are typically smaller than full- scale production plants, but are built in a range of sizes. Also, as pilot plants are intended for learning, they typically are more flexible, possibly at the expense of economy. They can also be used to train personnel for a full-scale plant. Pilot plants tend to be smaller compared to demonstration plants.
4Laboratory (Machine Room)Machine room is well equipped with rotary tablet punching machine, single punch tablet machine, tablet coating pan, tablet polishing pan, sieve shaker, ampoule sealing machine, ointment filling and sealing machine, bottle washing machine, tray dryer, hot air oven, capsule filling machine, ampoule filling and sealing machine, clarity apparatus, grinder etc.
5Pharmacognosy Lab-I

Pharmacognosy Laboratory is equipped with the instruments such as microscopes (Simple, Compound and Projection microscope), Microwave oven, Muffle Furnace, UV chamber, Autoclave, pH meter, centrifuge, Rotary evaporator and various extraction assemblies such as Soxhlet apparatus, Clevenger apparatus etc. Identification of crude drugs by microscopy, isolation of phytoconstituents, phytochemical screening, herbal drug standardization, qualitative and quantitative evaluation of crude drugs are some of the major experiments being carried out in the Pharmacognosy laboratory.

Various exercises on chromatographic techniques such as paper, Thin layer chromatography and column chromatography are also being conducted in the laboratory.

6Pharmacology Lab-IIIStudents are made aware about human anatomy, physiology and pharmacology with the help of various models and charts of different systems of human body.
7Pharmaceutics Lab-IThe well-furnished laboratory of Pharmaceutics Lab-I cater to the practical requirement of the subjects: Pharmaceutical Engineering (Unit operation I& II), Pharmaceutics-I, Physical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Formulation is well equipped with the instruments like hot air oven, water bath, digital balance, conical percolator, magnetic stirrer etc.
8Pharmaceutics Lab-IIThe well-furnished laboratory of Pharmaceutics Lab-II cater to the practical requirement of the subjects: Dosage Form Design, Pharmaceutical Technology, Cosmetic Technology, Bio pharmaceutics &Pharmacokinetics and well equipped with the instruments like hot air oven, water bath, digital balance, dissolution apparatus, disintegration apparatus, friabilator, hardness tester, distillation assembly, magnetic stirrer etc.
9Laboratory (Microbiology/ Biotechnology)Microbiology laboratory is equipped with laminar air flow, and other facilities to demonstrate the concept of aseptic transfer that is required in the processing of injectable formulation and sterile products. BOD incubator is used to investigate the growth of the microorganism.
10Quality Assurance Lab-I (Research)This lab is equipped with dissolution apparatus, disintegration apparatus, coating table machine, BOD incubator to perform the quality control of aseptic and septic pharmaceutical preparation.
11Pharmaceutics Lab-III (Research)This lab comprises formulating and compounding of medicament. Here, the students also learn about different dosage forms of medicines– tablets, capsules, emulsion, injections etc. These laboratories are equipped with stability oven, thermostatically controlled water bath, vacuum desiccators, tablet disintegrator, friability tester, dissolution test apparatus etc. to make the learning process effective and efficient.
12Pharmaceutical AnalysisM.Pharmacy chemistry lab is mainly focused for synthesis, purification, and analysis with the help of equipments such as magnetic stirrers, condensing set up, rotatory evaporator to build up a focused arena for synthetic and analytical approach.
13Instrumentation RoomSophisticated instrument like UV-Spectrophotometer, HPLC, FT-IR, Brook field viscometer, reaction chamber, probe sonicator are there in instrument room to cater the need of research scholars of MMCP in order to execute innovative research projects
14Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab-IThis lab is specifically designed and well maintained to guide the students various aspects of medicinal chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry practical. Experiments related to synthesis, identification, purification of various medicinal compounds, identification of cations/anions, preparation, identification and use of important inorganic pharmaceuticals, determination of various physicochemical parameters like density, refractive index, partition coefficient etc are being performed in this laboratory. The lab is well equipped with apparatus and equipments like magnetic stirrer, hot plate, hot air oven, Abbe’s refractometer, stalagmometer, viscometer, heating mantle and fumehood in order to ensure working in safe environment.
15Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab-IIThe lab is mainly focused for primary small scale synthesis and equipped with small magnetic stirrer, melting point, chromatographic techniques to provide a better understanding of prior small scale synthesis.
16Computer Lab.Computer lab is equipped with adequate number of Computer terminals and required soft wares to train students about computer skills. Software for demonstration of pharmacology experimental procedures like X-cology, drug design related software like V-life etc are also there.
17Pharmaceutics Lab-IV

The purpose of this subject is to the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of drug substances and pharmaceutical ingredients to be used in preparing a drug product. In addition, stability, appearance, palatability, flavouring, sweetening, colouring, preservation, packaging, and storage are discussed.

The principal objective of dosage form design is to achieve a predictable therapeutic response to a drug included in a formulation which is capable of large-scale manufacture with reproducible product quality.

18Laboratory (Pharmaceutical Chemistry I)Pharmacy chemistry lab is mainly focused for primary analysis, indicator use and its analytical use. The lab is mainly associated with the general apparatus such as titrimetric and analytical techniques.
19Laboratory (Pharmaceutical Chemistry II)This is laboratory is equipped with instruments like pH meter hot air oven, mechanical stirrers. In this laboratory experiments pertaining to biochemistry and inorganic chemistry are being performed.
20Laboratory (Life Sciences)Experiments related with RBC counts, haemoglobin measurements, SGOT, SGPT test, blood glucose estimation are being conducted. The laboratory is equipped with instruments, apparatus, models, charts to demonstrate various life science processes.
21Laboratory (Pharmacy Practice)The experiments related to health care are being conducted. Students are demonstrated to measure various parameters like blood pressure, body mass index, cockroftgault formula which are used to monitor the effects of drug on body.
22MuseumThe museum keeps and displays crude drug samples, herbal specimens, various pharmaceutical preparations and dosage forms including tablets, injections, blister packs, cosmetics, strips, bandages and so on. Regular cleaning schedule is followed for the museum. The products are updated from time to time with latest developments in the market. Most of the items including crude drugs have significant educational, scientific and historical value.

Research & Publications

1 Sumeet Gupta, Vikas Jhawat, Bimal Kumar Aggarwal, Partha roy, Vipin Saini, Alpha adducin (ADD1) gene polymorphism and new onset of diabetes under the influence of selective anti hypertensive therapy in essential hypertension. Current Hypertension Reviews, 2019; 12: 1573-4021.
2 Vikas jhawat, Sumeet Gupta, Bimal k agarwal , Partha roy, Vipin saini. ACE gene Insertion/Deletion polymorphism is not responsible for Antihypertensive therapy induced new onset of type 2 diabetes in essential hypertension (Clinical Medical Sight : Endocrinology 2019; 1573-4021)
3 Kirti Juneja, Rutusmita mishra, Debabrata Sarkar Sumeet Gupta Metabolic profiling and wound-healing activity of Boerhavia diffusa leaf extracts using in vitro and in vivo models”, to J of Traditional and Complementary Medicine 2019; 2225-4110.
4 Ritu Varshney, Rajat Varshney, Rutusmita mishra, Sumeet gupta, Debabrata sircar, Partha roy. Kaempferol alleviates palmitic acid-induced lipid stores, endoplasmic reticulum stress and pancreatic β-cell dysfunction through AMPK/mTOR-mediated lipophagy. J of Nutritional Biochemistry 2018, 57: 212-227.
5 Design, synthesis, docking study and pharmacological evaluation of novel 2-(5-1H-indol-3-yl)-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-ylimino)-5-substituted benzylidene)thiazolodin-4-one analogues.
6 Dinesh K .Mehta,Rina Das, Design, synthesis, docking study and pharmacological evaluation of novel 2-(5-1H-indol-3-yl)-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-ylimino)-5-substituted benzylidene)thiazolodin-4-one analogues,International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Feb, 10 (2), 2019, 1000-11
7 Dinesh K .Mehta, Minaxi Saini, Design, synthesis, molecular docking studies and biological evaluation of novel Pyridazin-3-one derivatives, International Journal of Pharma Bio Sciences,Jan, 10 (10), 2019, 127-140
8 Dinesh Kumar Mehta, Rina Das, Girish K Gupta, Satinder Kanwar, A Green Ultrasound Synthesis, Characterization and their antibacterial evaluation of novel transition metal complex of 2-amino-5-aryl-1, 3, 4-Thiadiazole, Letter in Organic Chemistry, 15 (12), July 2018, 633-639
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18 Meenakshi Dhanawat, Gaurav Kumar Sharma, Effectual qualitative chemical evaluation of Euphorbia neriifolia Linn. By using fluorescence analysis, Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics, 9(1-s), Feb, 2019, 44-47