Admissions Open Apply Now!

Admissions Open Apply Now!

Why Study in MMDU

MM(DU): The Cradle of Global Success

MM(DU) Campus is a place where dreams are nurtured and zealous students are provided with a platform to capitalize on their calibre and interests. This Deemed to be University is young and furnished with a state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class ambiance and a faculty ready to mentor and guide you towards your best life.

It is at this campus, you would earn a degree that begets you respect, name, fame and success. This is the place where you will feel emerge proud of your education and passion.

The Goodwill and Legacy of Innovation

MM(DU) is the campus that aspire to change lives through education. The degree you earn here will change not just your life but impact, positively, everyone else you meet after completing your education. The campus will encourage you to think out-of-the-box and implement your innovative ideas to make the world as well as your life as amazing as it can be!

World’s leading education destination for international students

MM(DU) Campus is a reflection of rich, warm and welcoming North India where the students can not only experience the best of academic support but also avail the finest infrastructure, comforts and connectivity services. MM(DU) is well equipped with modern infrastructure providing high end facilities to all its students including Wi-Fi campus, air-conditioned rooms and ICT equipped lecture spaces, and high-tech Computer Labs. Every student at MM(DU) is strongly encouraged to participate in the various extra-curricular activities that are organized at the campus and this inculcates a palpable game spirit and also promotes exceptional management and leadership skills.

MM(DU) Advantage for International Students

1. Project Based Learning

Students gain knowledge & skills by working on live projects. They get opportunity to explore real challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge to resolve the issues.

2. Focus On Research & Development

MMUs have laid a lot of emphasis on the establishment of centres for research and development. Students are encouraged to undertake research work under the guidance of eminent faculty members at different centres. The end results being incorporated in the regular studies.

3. Holistic Development

The Group lays comprehensive focus on holistic development through Yoga, Meditation, Taekwondo and Art of Living workshops.

4. Rich Intellectual Pool

MMUs boast of rich pool of intellectual capital. Lot of focus has been laid while selecting the finest faculty.

The faculty shares industry experience and gist of their research with the students and makes sure that this transfer of Knowledge becomes fruitful and ineffaceable experience for the scholars

5. Language and Communication Lab

A separate Language Lab makes English language learning, fun and effective due to practical approach

6. Personality Development

Special programmes are conducted to improve students’ Personality. Several training sessions on soft skills, etiquettes, presentation skills, personal grooming etc. are held, where in all students participate.

7. Teaching Methodology

The best faculty and technology assisted indubitable teaching makes the best concoction for students. In extension to the traditional classroom teaching, a number of other methods like web based learning, live simulation exercises and project works are encouraged so as to make delivery of knowledge more effective and enjoyable.

8. Case Based Pedagogy

Case based learning enhances analytical and problem solving skills of students, enabling them to apply in different management settings essential to the leadership of business / industry around the world

9. Student Driven Societies & Clubs

Various Societies & Clubs such as Dance Society, Quiz & Debate Society, Sports Society etc to leverage students’ potential in planning, controlling and organizing the activities.

10. Cosmopolitan Environment

Cross cultural and cosmopolitan environment where students from around the globe rub their shoulders to develop competencies which help them in realizing their dreams of successful career.

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