Planning & Monitoring Board

Sr. No. Name Designation Position
1. Prof. Victor Gambhir Vice-Chancellor Chairman
2. Prof. B.R. Chahar

Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering,

IIT, New Delhi

Nominee of UGC
3. Dr. M.L. Ranga

Former Vice-Chancellor,

KUK and GJUST, Hisar

4. Dr. Anil Jain

President, Vaiseshika Electronic Devices,

Ambala Cantt

5. Dr. B.K. Aggarwal Dean, Faculty of Medical Sciences Member
6. Dr. Debdatta Dass Dean, Faculty of Dental Sciences Member
7. Dr. M. Arockia Babu Dean, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Member
8. Dr. Jyoti Sarin Dean, Faculty of Nursing Member
9. Dr. Ashok Kumar Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology Member
10. Dr. Mahendra Pratap Singh Dean, Faculty of Management Member
11. Dr. Bindu Jindal Dean, Faculty of Law Member
12. Dr. Sumit Mittal Registrar Member