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Cardiovascular diseases are major public health challenge. Hypertension is among the most important modifiable risk-factors for cardiovascular diseases. Many placebo-controlled trials and meta-analysis study of antihypertensive medication have shown that such treatment can prevent and postpone myocardial infarction and stroke. Amlodipine and atenolol are widely used in the treatment of high blood pressure. Combining multiple classes of antihypertensive drugs together is one important practice for achieving blood pressure control in most hypertensive patients. Most of the benefits of combination therapy in comparison with monotherapy includes: a synergistic effect of each drug’s therapeutic effects and reduction of side effects due to lower dose of each drug. Amlodipine with atenolol might bestow a good option for combining these two classes of agents with proven cardiovascular benefits for better blood pressure control. In this study we have reviewed the effect of combination of atenolol and amlodipine over monotherapy of amlodipine and atenolol in patients with mild-to-moderate hypertension.

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