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Chromanone or Chroman-4-one is the most important and interesting heterobicyclic compound and acts as a building block in medicinal chemistry for isolation, designing and synthesis of novel lead compounds. Structurally, absence of a double bond in chromanone between C-2 and C-3 shows a minor difference from chromone but exhibits significant variations in biological activities. In the present review, various studies published on synthesis, pharmacological evaluation on chroman-4-one analogues are addressed to signify the importance of chromanone as a versatile scaffold exhibiting a wide range of pharmacological activities. But, due to poor yield in the case of chemical synthesis and expensive isolation procedure from natural compounds, more studies are required to provide the most effective and cost-effective methods to synthesize novel chromanone analogs to give leads to chemistry community. Considering the versatility of chromanone, this review is designed to impart comprehensive, critical and authoritative information about chromanone template in drug designing and development.

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