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This review provides a concise overview of emerging renoprotective role of citrus flavonoid naringin. In recent years, naringin has emerged as a therapeutic candidate of interest due to its renoprotective role. Very limited literature is available but still it is interesting to find the strong candidature of naringin in renal function improvements. This is the first review article presenting the recent studies and mechanisms dealing with the renoprotective effect of naringin.

Naringin is an important flavonoid from citrus fruits which contributes bitter taste to citrus juices. Naringin is an important compound with vast array of biological activities and immense therapeutic role. Naringin is well-known for its various biological and therapeutic activities. It has been found effective even in neurological disorders. In recent years, it has been investigated for renoprotective effect and has been found a promising agent. It seems an important and emerging compound of interest for protecting the renal functions under various conditions. Also, cellular and physiological aspects have been investigated for naringin-mediated improvement in renal functions. This review emphasizes on the emerging role of naringin as renoprotective compound with special emphasis on the pharmaceutical potential.

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