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In ’today’s generation, Diabetes mellitus is a very common lifestyle-based disease in which an insufficient amount of insulin is produced, which results in a rise of glucose level in the body with frequent urination and patient feels thirsty and hungry. In our present work, we have used the alphaglucosidase receptor against the natural plant product as a ligand for docking studies. For this in silico studies, various online tools, databases, and software were used. The proposed approaches were PDB, Molinspiration, Chemsketch, PyRx software, and many more. The binding scores were retrieved by PyRx software and no tumorigenicity, mutagenicity was there, and all parameters were in the desired range. The compounds used as ligands have shown energy minimization up to -6.7 to -8.7 kcal and can be further used as optimization, simulation, and in vitro and in vivo experimental validation.

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