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Piperazine, a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic has acquired an inimitable position in medicinal chemistry because of its versatile structure, which has fascinated researchers to design novel piperazine based molecules having various biological actions. The subsistence of various compounds possessing diverse pharmacological activities in the literature further confirms this fact. Currently available analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs are associated with side effects that limit their use. Moreover, the literature reveals the incredible anti-inflammatory and analgesic potential of piperazine derivatives along with their method of synthesis, therefore; the present review has been designed to collate the development made in this area that will surely be advantageous in designing novel piperazine based candidates with enhanced efficacy and less toxicity. An extensive literature survey was carried by scrutinizing peer reviewed articles from worldwide scientific databases available on GOOGLE, SCOPUS, PUBMED, and only relevant studies published in English were considered.

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