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Admissions Open Apply Now!

Code of Conduct


  • Code of Conduct and MM (DU) rules must be followed by the students in immaculate manner.
  • As per the guidelines of the Government of India, International Students (except for the students from Nepal & Bhutan) have to register with local Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of their arrival in India.
  • It is mandatory to maintain minimum 75% attendance in each subject in odd /even /summer semester failing which the student shall not become eligible to appear in End Semester/Year Examination in that particular subject(s). In exceptional circumstances relaxation of 10% may be granted by the management on valid grounds on recommendation of the Dean/ Director of the Institute/Department concerned.
  • Detained Students owing to shortage of attendance in a particular subject shall not be allowed to appear in term end examination in that subject. They will be required to study that subject in summer semester again and deposit additional fee as per norms. In case any student appears by default, who in fact has been detained by the school, his/her result shall be treated as null and void. If any student remains absent continuously for one week from classes or hostel without prior permission from the competent authorities, action will be taken as per MM(DU) rules and the parents/Guardians/Embassy may be contacted by the concerned Institute/Department/ International Affairs office.
  • Students are also advised to maintain utmost expected discipline in and outside MM (DU) campus. Disturbance of tranquillity of the campuses in particular and society in general, through any means shall be treated as an act of indiscipline and suitable disciplinary action shall be taken against the defaulting students.
  • Students are also advised to dress appropriately, while in campus, as per demand of the occasion. Smoking, Consumption of Intoxicants/ Drugs and Alcohol, damaging MM (DU) property, indulging in any kind of violence, misbehaving with fellow students/teachers/staff and ragging are totally prohibited and will be considered as gross offence. Very strict action including suspension/rustication from the rolls of the MM (DU) may be taken against the students who are found indulging in any of the above mentioned or any other undesirable act. Entry in the campus and hostel after consuming Intoxicants/Drugs and Alcohol outside is also not allowed. Any violation in this regard shall attract heavy fine and strict disciplinary action, as per the rules.
  • All Boarders/Hostellers must follow the Hostel/Mess Rules and must not indulge in any kind of damage to the Hostel, Mess or MM(DU) property failing which strict action per rules shall be taken against the defaulters including suspension/rustication.
  • Students must follow the fee payment schedule and pay Tuition fee, Hostel Fee, Examination Fee and any other dues, within the stipulated time, as per the scheduled mentioned in the Provisional Admission Letter (PAL) issued to them at the time of admission. Any delay in fee payment will result in not being eligible to register for classes which will lead to shortage of attendance. Attendance shall be counted from the first date of starting of semester or academic year, not from the date of fee payment. Hostel fee and other fee component may vary from year on year.
  • Entering and visiting (even for a very less time) girls hostel by boys and boys hostel by Girls is strictly not allowed at any time.
  • Student will be responsible to apply for extension of visa/resident permit (at least three months before the date of visa/resident permit expiry) or leaving for vacation (at least one month before) well in advance. Students not having valid visa or residential permit will not be provided any academic services.
  • Hostel fee will not be refunded in case of expulsion. If student leave the hostel on own will in between the academic session, hostel fee will not be refunded. Hostel fee for one year is counted from July to June month of next year.
  • In the larger interest of students, MM (DU) Authorities can enforce any other regulations in future as per the need/circumstances.


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