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Admissions Open Apply Now!
Admissions Open Apply Now!

Pre & Post Arrival Information


  • You should carry sufficient funds (for two-three months) for your initial living expenses.
  • You should ensure that the airline ticket is correct and the travel itinerary is accurate.
  • While traveling keep your passport (with valid student VISA) with you at all times.
  • Ensure that you do not carry another person’s luggage with you or leave your own luggage unattended.
  • Do not keep valuable articles viz: camera, computer, money, TCs, air tickets, credit cards etc. in your booked luggage but carry them in to your hand baggage
  • If you have any medical problem/allergies or ailments ensure that you have an updated case file to be carried with you while you travel. In the case of a medical emergency the treating doctor can provide better medical advice by having access to your case file.
  • If you are on medication take enough of your medicines along with the doctor’s prescription.
  • Ensure that you have kept all academic and other certificates in original. Also carry English translations of your certificates.
  • Take a set of photo copies of your all documents including your student VISA and a copy of offer letter for reference and keep these in safe place.
  • Keep at least a dozen copies of your passport size photographs ready as you might need them.
  • Ensure that you and your belongings are covered with proper insurance.
  • Try to learn and know as much as you can about India, its customs, culture and about your institution. You may visit www.tourism.gov.in & www.incredibleindia.org

After getting the Student Visa, the student should book air tickets for New Delhi or Chandigarh airport and share the air tickets with Department of International Affairs for airport pickup assistance (on an actual chargeable basis), at least seven days before the date of travel. 

As per the Govt Regulation, International Students (except for the students from Nepal & Bhutan) are required to apply for extension of their Student Visa, atleast one month before the scheduled expiry of Visa. Department of International Affairs will guide and assist them in applying for the Visa extension.
  • Apart from regular summer wears suitable for tropical climatic conditions, students are also advised to carry enough warm clothing (Woolen pullovers and jackets for winters).
  • A few formal wears, you would be wearing on the special occasions (like presentation, seminars etc).
  • Quilts, two bed sheets, pillow with covers (or can be purchased in India as well).
  • Pair of formal shoes, sport shoes and slippers.
  • A dozen of your recent passport size photographs and bank statement.
  • Mobile phone (GSM) unlocked- SIM card type (only if required). SIM card can be purchased from designated sources.
  • Valid air ticket
  • Passport with valid Student/Research Visa
  • Copy of offer letter
  • Cash, travels cheques & demand draft
  • Address details of the University
  • Contact details of family and friends in your country and in India (if any)


  • On disembarkation, go to immigration checkpoint and complete the formalities.
  • As per the guidelines of the Government of India, International Students (except for the students from Nepal & Bhutan) have to register with local Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of their arrival in India. Very next day of arrival in MM (DU) Campus, student should visit Department of International Affairs, complete all the admission related process, show original educational documents, deposit the due fee and apply for Registration with FRRO.
  • Moving to a foreign country means more than just leaving friends and family. When you move to a new country, be prepared for some change, including food, climate, cultural, language and customs. Be mentally prepared for all. In case you face a problem in adjusting, your first point of contact should be your study advisor or mentor at your institute. You should contact them immediately for help and assistance.
  • Try to reach on time for your orientation and enrolment week, as during this time you can familiarize yourself with the city, the transport system, your institute and open your bank accounts etc.
  • Observe all security measures as you would in your home country
  • Please always remember that you have gone overseas for you study purpose. Do not indulge in any activities that might hamper your studies or result in deportation from the country.
  • To help you adapt to the new surrounding away from your home easily, the MM (DU) appoints a study advisor or mentor for students coming from abroad. In case you require assistance at the campus during your period of acclimatization at the Campus, you should immediately contact your study advisor or mentor.
  • Try to reach on time for your orientation and enrolment week so that you familiarize yourself with the city, the transport system, your institute and open your bank accounts etc. Observe all security measures as you would do in your own country.

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