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Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University) aims to knowledge for all. Library of the campus is the central hub of the university education and research. Librariesare rich in document collection and providing real time experience of education to its users. This time ten institutional libraries are the glorious factor of the university education and research. In the digital era, libraries of campus are central point of attraction for its students from the point of its e-resources collection and print holdings. Central library of the university annually arranged books exhibitions of different publishers for the faculty and students. In the virtual era library expand itself, library setup its own digital repository in DSpace and constantly working on it to provide better services to its members. Library also takes initiatives to provide e-resources through membership of national networks NPTEL, INFLIBNET etc. We valued power of youth in the development of the country, so library periodically organised various activities such as seminar/workshop not only related to library but social issues too because of youth can grow for the upcoming future with their cultural roots. With the membership of NPTEL, Ovid Collection,Wolters Kluwer’s UpToDate, ASME, ASCE, IEEE, SCC Online, Lippincott William and Wilkins, EBSCO (Management, Hospitality and Tourism Complete and Dentistry)   Bentham Science, Criminal Law Database, URKUND Plagiarism software, K-hub, Animal Simulator,  AIR Supreme Court Database etc., library keeps the step in the digital era of research and education.

Professional and Academic Achievements of the Library

  • Visionary, experienced and responsible administration of the library.
  • Well experienced, Qualified, Co-operative staff and work as a supportive system for the users’ of the library.
  • Collection more than 175,000Books, CDs, Videos, Thesis, Standards and Back Volumes.
  • Member of INFLIBNET, DELNET, NPTEL etc.
  • More than 12,000+ print and e-Journals available in libraries.
  • Plagiarism software, URKUND Library Management software etc.
  • 24X7 well-equippedreading facilities available in libraries.
  • Membership of NPTEL,Ovid Collection, Wolters Kluwer’s UpToDate, ASME, ASCE, IEEE, SCC Online, Lippincott William and Wilkins, EBSCO (Management, Hospitality and Tourism Complete and Dentistry) Bentham Science, Criminal Law Database,URKUND, K-hub, Animal Simulator and AIR Supreme Court Database library keeps the step in the digital era of research and education.
  • 25 professionals providing their services in the various libraries in MMDU. Experienced and well qualified staff constantly trying to provide best services to their library users. Team spirit and discipline of the library staff makes the services easy for users.

Scholarly Achievements

  • A Peer-Reviewed quarterlyJournal “International Journal of Information Dissemination and Technology” has been publishing by Central Library since 2011and havemore than onemillion hits. It is also indexed with all major agencies worldwide.Including all feathers QR Code, Podcast audio summery, DOI, etc.
  • 100 + International and National Publications onthe name of staff working in the library.
  • In 2014 Central Library organized 1stInternational Virtual Conference in the fields of LIS in India on the topic of “International Research on  Scientific Literature: Emerging frontier and Challenges”
  • Central library also organize a national workshop on Mendeley research software.

Social Achievements

  • Administration of the Central Library of the University socially involved in raise up social topics so also organizes national symposiums of social issues.
  • Organized a National Symposium on Current Social Issues: TheRole of YouthNSCSITRY-2017 on December, 1st 2017. Special attraction of this symposium was a Record Pledge Form (1539) submitted to NOTTO by the Central Library. Its record in the history of NOOTO as they mentioned in the letter issued to us.
  • Organized a National Symposium on “Why India? Why NotBharat?” on November, 15, 2018, in the capacity of Convener held at M.M. Deemed University, Mullana – Ambala, Bharat. His excellency Prof.GaneshiLalJi governor odisha was the chief guest.
  • Active involvement in the Blood Donation Camps and other social activities.

Global Achievements

  • Biography of the Dr. Ashok Kumar (Then Chief Librarian at M. M. Deemed to be University) has been published in the Who’s Who in the World-2015, Founded by A.N. Marquis in 1899, USA (Publishers of the Original Who’s Who in America).
  • World Record: Biggest Pyramid of Books for the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS-2013 on the name of Dr. Ashok Kumar (Then Chief Librarian), Mr. Om Parkash and Mr. Kamal inspire the young achievers for working hard and prepare them to think unique.
  • Copyright Awarded for Designing a Unique “Periodical Record Register”, Copyright under re-scrutiny for “Bound Periodical Register” and other 5 applied copyrights shows the visionary and unique thinking of the Library Administration and Staff.

Infrastructural Achievements

  • Fully equipped with AC premises with lift facility.
  • Central Library, Institution Libraries and Departmental Libraries
  • Fully furnished light arrangement and other facilities
  • Excellent equipped e- Lab for accessing e-resources.
  • Libraries have more than 1500 users’ seating capacity.
  • Photocopy facility, printing and scanning facility also available in the Library premises.

Digital Initiatives

  • Libraries registered more than 2000 users’ with National Digital Library of India an initiative of MHRD.
  • Institutional Digital Repository of Question Papers & IJIDT accessible on web.
  • NPTEL Swayam LOCAL Chapter
  • RFID establishment with latest technology is in process to make Library Smart and user friendly.
  • Designed a year wise scanned Question Paper Bank (Database), which isprovided to the student through mail or Intranet.
  • Working on MOOC and other projects to simplify the library services for the users.


  • National Anthem
  • Google Schoor citation 2000

Library Acquisition Data

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5 Traditional Systems of Medicine Books View Details
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Frequently Asked Questions

It is fully Air-conditionedwhere users can access world-class literature, books and audio-visual aids. A separate computer lab for the access of e-resources is also available for the users. The primary health observance facility is available on the premises of the Library. Research support servicesand database registration facilities are also available.

Yes, Central Library is visible and accessible via Google Maps. Please visit the link to get navigation help

Yes, presently the MMDU Central Library is providing remote access through Knimbus. Please contact the Library admin team to get access. You can send a request through email also to get access. Email ID: [email protected]

Library supports in plagiarism check facilities and research writing consultation services.You can also get services and consultation for thesis, back volumes of journals and world class current journals for Review of Literature.Library provides registration facility for URKUND and Up-to-date.

Note: You can make request through email for registration or can visit the Central Library.

Yes, Xerox facility is available in the MMDU Central Library and a nominal cost as prescribed by the university is charged for photocopying.

Note: You can make request through email for registration or can visit the Central Library.

Print journals may be used in the Library only, but not borrowed. The articles can be copied within the provisions of the Copyright Act.

Library has CCTV facility to control and monitor the usage or theft of valuable things. This surveillance is a big help for the library users. A separate cell of the universityobserves the 24 hrs activity of the library.

Library access is available onlyfor the staff and bonafidestudents. They have the facility to use its material.

All library services are free for MMDU faculty and students except Xerox.

You are required to submit an attested application form, which is available at the circulation counter of the library. For membership of digital library, no formality is required.For more information feel free to contact [email protected]

Library has started e-library as well as remote access of various databases with the help of knimbus for Faculty and students. Staff members and students can register themselves at the link ( or can contact [email protected]to claim the membership.

Presently, there is no policyavailable for outsiders. Any government agency or R&D organization or any other institutions serving the nation are eligible to use library with the permission of the authority (Only for Educational or Research Purpose). 

Due to some privacy or security concern, OPAC is only available in office hours of the campus. Presently, only faculty and students can access this OPAC. For accessing the Catalogue, users should be connected with the local network of the campus. For search documents, Go to library home page. There is a search box with caption “Search Catalogue (OPAC)”. Enter a keyword or words from title or subject or author of a book you like to search andpress enter. It will list all the documents matching the words you input.You can also click on “Advanced Search” just below the search box. It will take you to another page “Web OPAC Page”. It provides Simple Search and Advanced Search options.

Presently, you can only borrow books. With the recommendation of research supervisors or concerned faculty, users can also borrow theses and journals from the library.Users can use audio-visual aids in the library premises only.

Once a user’s membershipis created in the software by the staff of the circulation counter, the user can borrow books from the concerned library.Your student ID card is also your library card. Your library card allows you to borrow from the Central Library. Issuing of books starts with the opening of Library and closes 15 minutes before the closing time.

The time duration for which you can borrow an item will depend on your Library Membership.

Borrowing periods for Faculty = 30 Days

Borrowing periods for Students = 14 Days (two weeks)

Note: In case of administrative and faculty borrow process; decision taken by the Chief Librarian will be final.

Official hours of MMDU apply to issue/return of the books. There is no break in the issue/return timings of the library.

08:50 – 16:30hrs on all working days
08:50 –15:50 hrs on Saturdays

Library does not issue/return the books on Sunday or other holidays observed by the University. Beside this, library premises and resources can be used till midnight in the library premises.

You have to make request at the circulation counter. After seeing the current demand of the book, the staff members of the circulation desk can take the decision about renew/re-issue of books.

A book can be renewed maximum three times.

A member can borrow maximum 5 (Five) Books in a single account.

Yes, there is fine for late return of books. But library recommends its members to return the books in time so that other users can take also use it for their work.

A large collection of CDs is available in the library and Audio-Visual Lab is also there for the users in the library.

There is no borrowing policy available for all these. But user can use these in library premises.You can also get the photocopy or softcopy of relevant material through email from the Library.

Presently,it is users’ responsibility to keep a tab on the due date and charges.

Any member can use the reading room. But there is no such facility for outsiders.

If the item you have borrowed is either lost or damaged, you have to return a new book in the place of lost book immediately. If you are not able to purchase new book, you can get help from the acquisition section.

Faculty and students (through their HODs permission)can recommend books (including e-books, reports, patents, standards etc) for purchase by the library.

If a request is made through proper channel and approved by the authority, MMDU Library completes thepurchase process in about 14 days time provided the courier services are available.

No. There is no limit on the number of books to be recommended. However, the purchase of the books in a year will be restricted within the allotted budget for each department.

A yearlystatement of expenditure is sent to all departments/ Centers/ IDPs every year showing the budget allotted, expenditure incurred and balance, if any available for purchase of books. You can also contact Books Acquisition Section for up to date status of the funds availability.

References collection mainly contains encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, directories, atlases, audio, and video, CD with books, only CD and some rare collection books.

e-Resources are accessible only to MMDU students, faculty and staff. However, others can request copies of articles from the e-Resources and the library will download and digital supply them to the requesting users.

MMDU’s Central Library has conducted various events related to social responsibility and often motivates the students to indulge in social work. 

Yes, the library provides previous year question papers and syllabus through Xerox and e-mail. You can make request through email ([email protected]) for digital delivery of previous year question papers.

You must inform your near ones or library officials who can provide primary support to you.

MMDU follows international safety guidelines inall its buildings. 

Every user is free to make a verbal complaint to the administration team of the Library. Further, you can write an application about your objection to the concerned authority. MMDU has also launched a compliance portal to help the users in such matters.

A ‘Suggestion and Complaint’ box is kept at the entrance of library. You can send your suggestion through emails also.

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