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The continuous augmented demand of food production is escalating with increase of world population. The traditional farming system will not be able to cover the world’s emergent demand for food with rising pollution level and oscillations in climate. The design and development of new farming and planting system technique is urgent requirement to stay away from food catastrophe in future. The present study aimed to examine an efficient lab to land transfer technique for alternative agri-farming system, the hydroponic system. The in vitro data was evaluated and validated through numerical tools for comparative accounts between hydroponics and tap water system against Triticum sp. (Poales: Poaceae), Spinacea sp. (Caryophyllales: Amaranthaceae) and Gladiolus sp. (Asparagales: Iridaceae). The results showed that wheat, spinach and sword lily showed very good growth in Hoagland solution in comparison to tap water. Thus the field application of the proposed hydroponic system for cereals, vegetables and flowering crops will meet the world wide demand of today and future by sustainable agriculture farming approaches.

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