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In the last month of 2019, i.e., December, COVID-19 hit Wuhan city in China. Since then, it has infected more than 210 countries and nearly about 33.4 million people with one million deaths globally. It is a viral disease with flu-like symptoms; hence, prevention and management is the best option to be adopted for its cure.Many healthcare systems, scientists, and researchers are fighting for the cure of this pandemic. Ayurvedic and allopathic treatments have been studied extensively and approached for the cure of COVID-19. In addition to ayurvedic treatments, the Ministry of Ayush, India, has also recommended many remedies to boost up immunity. Allopathic studies involved several antiviral drugs which were used in different combinations for the treatment of COVID-19.Comparative analysis of Ayurveda and allopathic treatment strategies were carried out in the present study. Depending upon the patient’s conditions and symptoms, Ayurveda is useful for the treatment of COVID-19. Allopathic treatments inhibit viral infection by targeting majorly endocytosis, and angiotensin-converting enzyme (Ace) receptor signaling. In this article, we summarize different ayurvedic and allopathic medicines and treatment strategies which have been used for the treatment of COVID-19, a global pandemic.

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