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Although there are many heartening studies have been done on the parasitic helminthes of vertebrates but there are serious deficiencies in checklist of trematodes Allocreadium Looss (Digenea: Allocreadiidae). The present study based on the literature survey to tabulate biodiversity of Allocreadium Looss reported from various hosts in the India and worldwide so far. Allocreadium sp. is one of the most important parasitic digenean trematode with wide geographic distribution range across the world. The findings reflected that these trematodes infecting very wide range of hosts from invertebrates to vertebrates. About 104 Allocreadium sp. have been summarized in present review recovered from various hosts including 44 Indian species as well. As the aquaculture playing a key role in the food security and economy of country that is deteriorating due to heavy parasitic load in fishes. Therefore, awareness, knowledge of biodiversity and causes of parasites should be in the society at grassroots level. The authors wish to suppose that current review might be helpful in the strategic management of aquaculture for health, economy and sustainable development.

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