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Purpose The aim of this study was to formulate methscopolamine floating drug delivery system to increase its gastro retention for further enhancement of absorption and overall bioavailability.Method Direct compression method was used to formulate floating drug delivery system of methscopolamine bromide. Different amount of HPMC, PVP K25, and MCC were used for preparation of tablets.  Result The prepared tablets were evaluated for thickness, hardness, weight variation, floating lag time, swelling index and in-vitro drug release. All the formulations showed less than 10% of weight variation. The hardness and thickness of all the formulations were within the range of 3.7−4.2 kg/cm2 and 3.63−3.83 mm respectively. Floating lag time for all the formulations was reported in seconds. The degree of swelling was reported in range of 82.10−85.83%. In vitro release was carried out for 24 h. The maximum release was shown by F1 (93.947%) while the minimum release was observed for F4 (90.420%). The best formulation was optimized on the basis of percentage cumulative drug release, floating lag time and swelling index. F1 found to be the best formulation. Further on analyzing the drug release mechanism, F1 found to exhibit korsmeyer peppas model of drug release. Conclusion Floating gastroretentive tablet of methscopolamine bromide was successfully developed using direct compression method with potential to enhance the drug absorption and effective treatment of peptic ulcer.

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