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In the present article we present an update on the role of chemoprevention and other pharmacological activities reported on kurarinone, a natural flavanone (from 1970 to 2021). To the best of our knowledge this is the first and exhaustive review of kurarinone. The literature was obtained from different search engine platforms including PubMed. Kurarinone possesses anticancer potential against cervical, lung (non-small and small), hepatic, esophageal, breast, gastric, cervical, and prostate cancer cells. In vivo anticancer potential of kurarinone has been extensively studied in lungs (non-small and small) using experimental xenograft models. In in vitro anticancer studies, kurarinone showed IC 50 in the range of 2–62 µM while in vivo efficacy was studied in the range of 20–500 mg/kg body weight of the experimental organism. The phytochemical showed higher selectivity toward cancer cells.

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