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Phytochemicals are being used for thousands of years to prevent dreadful malignancy. Side effects of existing allopathic treatment have also initiated intense research in the field of bioactive phytochemicals. Gallic acid, a natural polyphenolic compound, exists freely as well as in polymeric forms. The anti-cancer properties of gallic acid are indomitable by a variety of cellular pathways such as induction of programmed cell death, cell cycle apprehension, reticence of vasculature and tumor migration, and inflammation. Furthermore, gallic acid is found to show synergism with other existing chemotherapeutic drugs. Therefore, the antineoplastic role of gallic acid suggests its promising therapeutic candidature in the near future. The present review describes all these aspects of gallic acid at a single platform. In addition nanotechnology-mediated approaches are also discussed to enhance bioavailability and therapeutic efficacy.

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