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To cater to medication needs in the future healthcare system, we need to shift from the conventional system of drug delivery to modern molecular signature-based drug delivery systems. The current drug therapies are either less effective, ineffective, or produce numerous adverse reactions. One scientific principle or discipline cannot adequately address all the problems, so we need an innovative application of the current scientific principles. Here we are proposing a novel concept of nanoformulation based on pharmacogenomics and theranostics for personalized error-free and targeted therapeutic agent delivery. The addition of more knowledge about the human genome opens the new way to study disease-gene, gene-drug, and drug-effect interactions, which is the basis of future medicines. Pharmacogenomics provides information about the disease etiology, role in genes in disease pathophysiology, disease biomarkers, drug targets, drug effects, and the fate of drugs inside the body. Theranostics approach utilizes the above information in diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of the disease on a real-time basis. Personalized dosage forms can be formulated into a nanoformulation that provides a better therapeutic effect and minimizes adverse drug reactions. The therapeutic system needs to be shifted from the principle of one drug fits all to one drug unique population. In the present manuscript, we tried to conceptualize a modern therapeutic system by combining the three approaches viz. pharmacogenomics, theranostics, and nanotechnology applied in the area of formulation development to produce a multifunctional single tiny entity.

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