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An extractive spectrophotometric method is developed for the trace determination of vanadium (V). 2-Methyl-8-quinolinol(MQ) reacts with vanadium(V) to form a 1:2 (V : MQ) light brown complex in an aqueous medium at 0.05 M CH3COOH concentration which is quantitatively extractable into chloroform exhibiting maximum absorbance in the range 397- 405 nm. The complex is synthesized in 1:2 ratio and the structure of the formed complex is elucidated on the basis of IR, NMR, and TGA techniques aided with computational studies. The formed V (V)-MQ complex is also screened for its in vitro antimicrobial activity. The method obeys Beer’s law up to 6.2 µg V/mL with molar absorptivity and  Sandell’s sensitivity of 2.449 × 103 L/ and 0.0208 µg V/cm2, respectively, at 400 nm. The method is simple, rapid, and has good reproducibility with a standard deviation of ± 0.0027 absorbance units.

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