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In previous years, polymeric micelles have raised special attention in a novel nano-sized drug delivery system. The polymeric micelles are formed from synthetic block copolymers and graft copolymers, but in the case of mixed micelles, the bilayer lipid membrane and surfactants are used. Both micelles are nano-sized and used to improve the delivery of drugs to treat different diseases. In this review, we will discuss some examples from the literature that included demonstrating the use of polymeric micelles as nanocarriers in skin cancer treatment by using different drugs. We also summarized mixed micelles, polymeric micelles in skin drug delivery, various polymers, and techniques used to prepare polymeric micelles. These micelles may improve drug delivery in the skin’s targeted sites in specific and dermatological diseases like skin cancer, acne, and fungal infection. Polymeric micelles are more stable than surfactant micelles and act as a colloidal carrier for low water-soluble and amphiphilic drugs. al disease like, skin cancer, acne, fungal infection etc. Polymeric micelles are more stable as compare to surfactant micelles and act as a colloidal carrier in case of poorly water soluble and amphiphilic drugs.

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