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There is expanding proof that specific natural compounds found in plants have additional conventional medicinal properties. One such compound is xanthohumol (XN), which is being explored as an antimicrobial, anticarcinogenic, antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory agent – aside from its utilization in dealing with conditions like autism, bone and skin improvement and microbial infections, lipid-related illnesses, and so on. XN is reported to suppress the uncontrolled production of inflammatory mediators responsible for diseases including cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration and tumors. Further, it is accounted to limit adipogenesis and control obesity by focusing on principal adipocyte marker proteins. It is most generally utilized in the brewing industry as an additive and flavoring agent to add bitterness and aroma to beer. Present investigation sum up the patents filed in most recent 2 years on development of different pharmaceutical mixes and strategies dependent on various therapeutic potentials of XN.

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