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Background: Cystatin C is a non‑glycosylated basic protein that is produced and secreted at a constant rate by all nucleated cells. Cystatin C is a more reliable marker than the serum creatinine because it is less affected by external factors such as gender, race and muscle mass. However, the comparison of serum cystatin C level in type 2 diabetes mellitus is not well known in people with obesity. Objectives: To estimate the level of cystatin C in type 2 diabetes and that can be explained by the change in obesity. Thus, this current study aimed to determine and compare the level of cystatin C in type 2 DM with obesity and also correlate the cystatin C level with the quality of life in type 2 DM and obesity. Material and Methods: We have taken three groups: Group A containing type 2 DM, Group B containing obesity, and Group C containing type 2 DM with obesity. In all, 25 patients in each group were selected and analyzed for cystatin C. Results: Cystatin C level was very high in type 2 DM with obesity group. The P value was 0.008 in type 2 DM with the obesity group and it has shown a highly significant correlation

with BMI. In our study, we have also seen the positive correlation of cystatin C with BMI in Group B plain obese and Group C diabetes obese than Group A diabetes non‑obese. We have seen in our study and found a poor correlation between HbA1c, RBS and cystatin C. Conclusion: The level of cystatin C is much higher in type 2 DM with obese patient as compared with type 2 DM and obese patients

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