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Adherence has been defined as the “voluntary, active, and collaborative involvement of the patients in mutually acceptable courses of behavior to produce desired therapeutic effects”. Medication adherence generally illustrates the term as to whether patients take their medicines as per prescription instruction and either they keep on to take a prescribed medication. Medication adherence performance had thus been classified into two head conceptions, namely, adherence and persistence. Whilst theoretically similar, adherence refers to concentration of drug utilization for the duration of the ongoing treatment, where as perseverance refers to the generally interval of drug therapy. Improving prescription adherence may impact the wellbeing of the populace than the revelation of any new treatment. Indian patients are not adherent to their medication half of the time, mainly due to lack of proper education and patient counseling. Albeit most doctors accept no adherence is basically because of absence of access or neglect, no adherence can frequently be a purposeful decision made by the Indian patients. Persistent covering of their medicine taking conduct is regularly persuaded by feelings with respect to both supplier and patient, prompting possibly desperate outcomes. On time medicine taking behaviors of the patients have great impact on the health of people than the need for new treatment option.

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