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Dhairya Diwan’s Inspirational Success Story


Dhairya Diwan, a student of MBBS Final professional at MMIMSR, Mullana always wanted to excel in the particular field of medicine. Being a highly extrovert and motivated student, I has gotten massive exposure and support at MM(DU) campus owing to the best-in-class infrastructure and academic facilities. He feels MM(DU) has given him an opportunity to learn from the best doctors in the one of the most prestigious medical centers in the region in terms of infrastructure and patient load (both being major attractions for aspiring doctors). Both clinical skills and operating techniques are taught in a comprehensive manner and that enabled him to outgrow his peers who are elsewhere. Owing to the rigorous postings and regular scheduled tests, she candidly feels that MMIMSR is a medical college par excellence.


He learnt that Education is not merely the learning of facts but also training of mind to think and act accordingly. Here, teachers are very determined, focused and adept in their chosen field of interest, which makes the studying experience more subtle and informative. Difference in diversity further helps the students to learn and support each other. He has been a total foodie and thus loved the food served in hostel and canteen, equally.


Apart from high achievements in academics, he has won several music (solo instruments and singing) competitions, inter and intra-college debates, and speech competitions and some of the fantastic literary events. The
Plethora of opportunities are made available by the college; it  is a choice of the student on what he or she picks but there is no dearth of activities and opportunities that inculcate enthusiasm and give you experience.


As a medical student, he was also selected for research work by INDIAN COUNCIL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH, which was a big boost for him.

“Music has been my second love after Medicine. At MM(DU), I have been able to express myself by playing keyboard at college festivals and participating at Battle of the Bands. We are given so many opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities that helped me to sharpen my talent and skills and achieve overall growth.”


He also thanked the teachers and fellow students who motivated him for  musical  passion and encouraged him to perform with excellence in academics too. He narrates how his study years at MM(DU) had been filled with lot of learning through vigorous scheduled postings with tests and center of excellence, which helped him in acquiring and polishing industry-specific skills.


It is amazing to share how MM(DU) students are trained in soft skills, the various techniques of successfully handling the interviews etc. by the professionals and experts from the industry. He thinks that is the reason why so many students of this medical college are doing so well in real life.



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