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Experiencing Holistic Development: Harshita Kaushik 

Harshita Kaushik, a final year student at MMIMSR doing MBBS aspires to save lives and enjoy the process of learning and practising medicine. She is also fond of public speaking and writing and enjoys good music and fashion.


She says her idea of medical college was pretty similar to what she had watched in movies or series. However, when her school friends suggested her this college, she was amazed. She realized MM(DU) was not only a vibrant campus that had well resourced and updated library and world-class faculty but the system here always prioritised students’ holistic development.


“MM(DU) was not only about providing us with material to study but also making sure that we’re able to understand those materials. The faculty members at my institution have helped me immensely to utilise my potential. I am from Delhi and it is not very frequent that I can visit my home but whenever I feel like I need to talk to someone I have found that support in my teachers.”


She was all praises for the university infrastructure which is well thought and executed. The OPD contains orthopaedic department, gynaecology department at the ground floor and it’s well thought for patients of respective departments. She thanks the college for providing her with state-of-the-art amenities.

She especially mentioned the multi-cultural experience one enjoys at MM(DU) campus – “When we meet people from different strata of life we learn new outlook, new perspective, new ways to think about our lives. My college has students not only from India and few from outside. I have learned a lot because of diversity I have found at my college.”


She won third prize in elocution contest held in 2019.She was very happy that one of the judges categorically appreciated me for my content. She had prepared by penning down my opinion on given topic and thanks to the faculty she never shied away from expressing her opinions in the most respectable way possible

She shared her favourite memories of dissection hall in first year. She told how they all would be treated like school kids but whatever they have learned in anatomy is mostly because of my teachers and cadavers from dissection hall.


“When I took MBBS in MM(DU) in 2017, I was very naive and felt that as a med student you are supposed to have your subjects on your fingertips in next few upcoming months. You’re supposed to mug up every little detail of your 19 subjects and purge them in front of the examiners. However, that’s not how 5.5 years of MBBS go. Along with diligently studying you also need to find time for your family, friends and other hobbies. Once in a while things will get difficult but that’s how you know you’re taking one step closer to your break through.”


She is one of those bright students who enjoy their college life taking part in all activities and emerge stronger, sharper and brighter because of holistic education.

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