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UniversuMM 2019

UniversuMM 2019 was a mega fest organized by the MM Deemed to be University under which The Codex Society of Computer Science department of MM Engineering College conducted three events Da Vinci Code, Web Unlock, and XQuizIt .

Da Vinci Code was a coding competition where teams had to solve problems in a language given on the spot. A total of 28 students took part in this event.

Web Unlock shows the player a web page that has some kind of a picture or symbol or a hint and asks the player to guess the word which will be the answer and that answer will help to get to the next page. Each web page can be considered as a question and each question will be related to technology. A total of 52 students took part in this event.

XQuizIt, as the name suggests was a Quiz Competition. This competition was amazing for Tech-Savvy students. This was a simple and fun quiz to see how well you know the constantly evolving field of technology. The questions were related to history and also new and upcoming technologies in the world. A total of 23 participants took part in this event.

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