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Virtual Lecture on the Civil & Criminal Procedure with Practical Perspective

The Students of the Department of Law, M.M (DU) Mullana attended virtual lectureson the Civil and Criminal Procedure with Practical Perspective by way of the electronic mode through Google Meet application organized by the Leal Aid Clinic in collaboration with DLSA, Ambala on 22-23rd April, 2021 from 11:00 am to 12:00 Noon. Panel Advocate Ms. Jyoti Kaushal delivered the lectures on the Procedure to be practically followed by the Courts. The Advocate made the students aware of the procedure in courts. She discussed the various stages in a criminal case, like framing of Charges, trial of suspected offenders, the imposition of penalties on convicted offenders etc., and also discussed with the students about the basic concepts of a civil case, such as meaning of suit, Plaint, written statement, difference between substantive & procedural law, vakalatnama, issuance of summons, dasti summons, framing of issues, process for execution, stay of execution, and so on.

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