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Advanced therapeutic for handling children with delayed milestones: The move approach

M.M. Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, organized a hands-on workshop on ADVANCED THERAPEUTIC FOR HANDLING CHILDREN WITH DELAYED MILESTONES: THE MOVE APPROACH on 29th August 2022. The aim of the workshop was to teach the students about the move approach as the therapeutic intervention to treat the children with delayed milestones. The workshop was held at Clinical Skill and Simulation Centre, MMIMSR 3 rd  Floor, MM (DU).


Prof. (Dr.) Asir John Samuel (PT) addressed all the participants and introduced them to the resource person. He shared his thoughts on the topic of workshop and started the workshop. The workshop started with a brief outline on the assessment of the children with delayed milestones by the resource person. After that, practical and hands on skills demonstration and the explanation of how to use move approach as a part of treatment in children with movement disorders and delayed milestones was performed by resource person. Participants practiced the techniques under his supervision.At the end, vote of thanks was delivered by Principal, MMIPR. All the participants attended the workshop with great enthusiasm. The workshop was very effective and informative. MMIPR is looking forward to organize more such events in the future.

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