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Ammunation 2020 – Literary Events

Ammunation is the annual event of MM(DU) in which over 50-60 events are organized from the month of February to April 2020 in the field of Music, Dance, Theatre, Fine Arts, Literary and Fashion.
However, due to Covid 19, in the 2020 Season only Grand Opening Ceremony, Literary category events and Fine Arts Category were completed.
The Grand Opening Ceremony of the event was conducted on 27th March 2020 at the Open Air Theatre (Queen’s stage) in which 81 artists from the University showcased their special performing arts talent.
The list of literary events conducted were as follows:
• Elocution: English
• Elocution: Hindi / Punjabi / Haryanvi
• Debate: English
• Debate: Hindi / Punjabi / Haryanvi
• General Quiz
• Essay Writing (English Only)
• Poetry Writing (English)
• Poetry Recitation (English)
• Poetry Recitation (Hindi / Punjabi / Haryanvi)
• Short Story Telling (English)
• Short Story Telling (Hindi / Punjabi / Haryanvi)
A total of 546 students from 11 Institutions of MM(DU) participated in the same.
The list of Fine Arts Events conducted were as follows:
• Poster Making
• Cartooning
• Collage Making
• Rangoli
• Mehndi
• On the Spot Painting
• On the Spot Photography
A total of 491 students from 11 Institutions of MMDU participated in the same.

Coordinated by: Student Welfare Council, Expressions: Expressions: The Literary Club&Srijan: The Fine Arts Society

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