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Rang Utsav

On this occasion of Holi, The Codex Society of Computer Science Department of MM Engineering College conducted an event “Rang Utsav” which consisted of three sub-events: Code Auction, Profit War, and Snap Hunt 2.0. It was held from 2nd March 2020 to 6th March 2020.

Code Auction was a coding-cum-strategic competition where teams had to buy the coding questions in an auction using virtual money and then try to solve as many questions as they could. A total of 88 participants took part in this event.

Profit War was a business-cum-strategic game in which teams were given different companies in different sectors. The teams were required to trade between the companies and maximize their profits. Top 15 teams which were selected for this round were provided with different industries and also with some funds than some news were flashed and they had to trade, sell and buy the companies with each other. A total of 115 participants took part in this event.

Snap-Hunt 2.0 was a photo hunting competition in which the teams were provided with 9 photos which were incomplete or blurred. The teams were required to click the full shot of the object which may be anywhere around the campus. The team getting maximum marks in minimum time was adjudged the winner. A total of 225 participants took part in the event.

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