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Awareness Program on Gender Sensitization

A gender sensitization program was organized by MMIPR and MMISR on 29th November, 2019 in community hall of MM (DU).  The esteemed speaker Dr Ruchi Varshney (National Head, Indian Association of Physiotherapist– Women Cell) talked on “Gender Equity Entrepreneurship in Medical practice” while Dr Niti Khurana (Head, Indian Association of Physiotherapist– Women Cell, Haryana State) had an excellent talk on “Why do we need a Women Cell”?

This program counseled the budding female professionals on how to attain equity and equality with males and tips on how to become self-independent and confident in one’s life. In addition to this, legal issues and considerations were also discussed for a female to combat any gender biasness and harassment at work place and home as well.

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