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Colloseum 2015 – Intra University Dance Competitions

Dance- the oldest art form- has taken varied shapes since its inception. A form of meditation originally has now become recreation. Intentionally or unintentionally, directly or indirectly, everybody is associated with dance. To this effect and keeping the same in view, a dance fest Colosseum is organized annually. Colosseum is the university level dance festival which celebrates the ecstasy of various dance forms. It brings in light different cultures and colors from all over the world through dancing. The university takes up this festival every year which invites students from different disciplines hence sharing a common platform to showcase their talents. The youth being the most eager and enthusiastic take part in various dance forms i.e. from solo, duet to groups and from folk, western to contemporary with zeal and zest. Many students from allover the university participate in the event. The avid and excited students make the stage roar and the crowd mesmerized with their performance. Their passion at that time has no boundaries. An extravaganza of different cultural backgrounds and nationality the dance show remains a huge success.

The following events were organized under Colloseum 2015:

  • Solo Dance
  • Duet Dance
  • Group Dance

A total of 75 Students from 11 Institutes of MMDU participated in the events.

Result of the events:

Event Name: Solo Dance

  • Winner: MM College of Nursing
  • First Runner Up: MM College of Dental Sciences & Research
  • Second Runner Up: MM Institute of Management

Event Name: Duet Dance

  • Winner: MM Institute of Computer Technology & Business Management
  • First Runner Up: MM Institute of Nursing

Event Name: Group Dance

  • Winner: MM College of Dental Sciences & Research
  • First Runner Up: MM Institute of Nursing
  • Second Runner Up: MM College of Dental Sciences & Research

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