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Industrial Visit

An industrial visit to Grazitti Interactive, Panchkula organised on March 28, 2022 for the students of MCA-2 nd and MCA-4 th semester. The objective of the visit was to familiarise students with the environment of the IT sector, where they would be working in the near future. Visit helped students in comprehending the present market situation and in learning about the most recent technology. For the pupils, there were two sessions scheduled. The first consisted of a company presentation that described many sectors in which the organisation operates. The second session was led by a member of the company’s human resources department, who guided the students toward a bright future. In order to answer the pupils’ questions, detailed questioning round was also conducted. It was an engaging seminar during which students learnt about numerous elements of the IT sector. A total no. of 30 students attended the visit. At the end of the visit, teachers of the institute accompanying students expressed their gratitude to the industry experts for giving an exposure to the students. This Visit helped the students to bridge the gap between classroom and the real field world.

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