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MM(DU) CSE student another patent for his innovative project

Meet Deepak Kumar studying Agricultural Engineering at Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University), Mullana. His innovative mind has been honoured once again as his 7th project is granted patent by ‘Shristi GYTI Award and Techpedia’ under patent number 15412.

Deepak has developed a control system to provide automatic water management system to the crops. This system controls the operation of the gates at the main reservoir and the supply at the field irrigation canals. His innovation lies in the thought to prevent the over-utilization of water on the paddy fields and to maintain the optimum level of water for each crop by overcoming the problem of supplying the same level of water at different stages of the plant growth.

Explaining his project, Deepak elaborated, “Water and rice are the two most important commodities in the world today. And these two are closely linked because the rice fields alone require about 35-45% of the irrigation water. However, we haven’t ever pondered over the wastage of a large amount of water in these agriculture fields? A lot of water is being wasted for the paddy crops in India due to its overflow that occurs as a consequence of the careless manual operation of supplying water. In our country, the majority of farmers do not have adequate knowledge and the equipment to carry out water management in their fields and to maintain the required amount of water levels at different stages of growth of the paddy crop. Hence, I felt the need to innovate some system to implement the real time clock which will keep the record of the age of plant and accordingly supply water to it.”

Deepak’s project provides a solution to avoid wastage of water through overflow across the field and also controls the supply of water as per the specifications of the age of the crop. Indeed, that’s a wonderful idea and the university chancellor,Sh.Tarsem Garg,MM(DU) has also congratulated him for ideating in terms of resource economization and to help the farmers in the process. Deepak is one of the numerous bright students of MM(DU) who continue to innovate such ideas that help the entire community. Deepak gives the credit of encouraging innovation to the proactive and practical education approach of the university.


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